Uterus IV – “Chucky”

This blog entry (one hopes!) marks the conclusion of  what I’ve come to know as, ‘my uterine distraction,’ in an otherwise orderly and decent life.  My son, who got me started blogging, has encouraged me to include links and other media in my blog. He called me over the weekend and allowed that he had glanced at my blog, but he just didn’t feel comfortable reading about his mother’s uterus – his “location of origin”.  However, he did send me a visual, a piece of art, something cogent to my current theme, to enhance my blog.

As with all works of art, this one is up for interpretation. I did have to solicit my husband’s computer expertise to get the visual up on my blog.   He was hesitant: “You aren’t really going to use this, are you?”  Why, of course I am!

So, my interpretation, you ask?  To me … receiving this visual (below) was an act of  Divine Providence.  An epiphany, a vision, if you will, of complete clarity concerning my follow-up appointment with Dr. Gross, scheduled for tomorrow, during which time he will examine  my uterus to check and see how it is doing a week after the D&C.  And what will Dr. Gross be greeted with during that examination?  The face of Chucky!

I say this because, first of all, I’m pretty sure my uterus is not happy about being scoped and scraped by Dr. Gross.  It’s been cramping and spotting all week in unmuted protest.  Second of all, my romantic life has not been happy either, since I was sent home from the procedure a week ago wearing a virtual chastity belt to be worn at all times until I have the okay (at tomorrow’s appointment, I hope) from Dr. Gross to take it off (take it all off!).

Meanwhile, here comes Valentine’s Day. Or shall I say, our 28th Valentine Anniversary Valentine’s Day, this past Saturday,  surrounded by eight full days of forced celibacy.  There have been worse Valentine Anniversaries for sure, but off-hand, I can’t remember any.  I did don a v-neck red sweater, subtle, not too suggestive, and gave my husband a Valentine sound card that growls like a baby tiger when you open it. He gave me cards too, and made breakfast.  We had friends over for dinner.  And otherwise, we sat in separate recliners all day. And when we crawled into bed that night we fell into a familiar cuddle, spooned, and then I … rubbed my nostrils into the sheets to inhale their freshly laundered ‘mountain breeze’ scent, before drifting off to sleep.

Anyway, well, after 28 years of marriage we still aren’t hurling things (insults, threats, obscenities, plates, etc…) at each other, so that’s pretty good. And right now I’m having fun with “Chucky” since he serendipitously (not sure that’s a word) arrived to grace my blog; he just seems perfect at this juncture.

Mostly though, I am in the mood for laughter, since, by Divine Providence, the tissue biopsy from the uterine procedure came back with everything fine.  Hooray!

Except I do think my uterus might still be angry.  Maybe I’d better warn the doctor before the examination tomorrow…



2 Responses to “Uterus IV – “Chucky””

  1. Rene Miller Says:

    Loved the picture and loved the latest post. I laughed out loud at several items in your article, especially the latest mood of the uterus. I would be angry too!

    • joddy123 Says:

      Yes, my uterus has been put through the wringer and Chucky arrived just in time to defend it against any further assaults from Dr. Gross!

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