May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

This was never intended to be a gardening blog but I have to show the latest improvements to our back yard.  OUT with the scrappy, weedy, garden borders, I say, and IN with landscape curbing! We simply hired it done and now we can enjoy it – all 330 feet of it  (okay so we got a little carried away). The job expanded from framing our tree by the deck to framing all our gardens, which, in a serious execution of project creep, ended up encompassing  the entire perimeter of our back yard.  See the curbing running  along the back lilac hedge  (which should be blooming in a couple of weeks, as should the, uh, infamous flowering crab in the center garden).  It just goes to show if you put forth some effort – or, in this case,  exhorbitant sums of money – into improving things, then you will likely see some results.  Our dog Rudy is thrilled with it – bounding merrily after squirrels and such over the curbing and through the gardens –  and so is our gray cat, Jerry (also in this picture – behind the right clump of tulips in the center garden – acting invisible whilst eying  a pair of robins pecking at the grass just a few yards away).

Where did all the tulips go?

Where did all the tulips go?

Not to get too huffy-puffy about the recent vast improvement to our back yard, as now you see our tulips  along the north  (street view) side of our garage.  These tulips have bloomed faithfully every year in vibrant, healthy bunches  until, uh,  this year, where most of them are now lying limp along the ground in lifeless clumps. I guess they just wore out, and I can’t blame them, couldn’t stand up against another Idaho spring with it’s incessant snow, cold and 54-mph winds (of 3 days ago,  down to 25 mph by yesterday, but so far calm and sunny today, one can only hope!).   The tulips may have just decided they’ve been wind-whipped for the last time.  I’m not going to analyze it or take it personally, I guess come fall I can dig them up and plant some more.  Or not.  The poor things.

Progress! That’s what I’m happy with. And if that ‘flowering crab’ ever flowers I will consider that a miracle.

One Response to “Progress!”

  1. Rene Miller Says:

    I love the new curbing! It looks great. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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