We’ve been back from our week in Cabo for 11 days and the sunshine and memories have to hold me through several more weeks of winter, otherwise known in Idaho as ‘spring’. So, for extra measure, I spent all last week, our first week back from Cabo, imagining that I was still in Cabo. I even started feeling all sad by last Wednesday, knowing that the extra imaginary week of our vacation in my head was already half over.

This week reality settled in. I was ready to forget Cabo and decided to ditch writing the Cabo-II blog with all those photos I took with my i-phone. That was … until I was messing with my phone today and happened upon this photo:

Is that you, Pooky?

What can I say? I had told you about Pee-Wee and mentioned his relatives, now, how could I not introduce you to his voyeuristic cousin ‘Pooky’- fanned out on my spoon, offering a full exposition of his ‘succulent’ legs. (There must be some scientific name for those suction cups.)

Oh, you’d rather see scenery, would you? Okay, here goes: My slide show of Cabo. Let me start with the view of the ocean from the chair I was sitting in while staring down at Pooky. We were eating lunch at the Seven Seas restaurant near San Jose Del Cabo:

After lunch we took a walk on the beach. Utopian! Except you gotta keep an eye out for those crashing waves if you prefer walking on the wet sand along the shoreline. They swell up on the the water in the distance, then come exploding in with an unexpected ferocity that sends them gliding much further up on the shore than you are prepared for…

I was wearing flip flops and a wave soared up to my knees and sucked my left flip flop off my foot on its way back out. But not to worry, the next wave delivered it right back to me. It was a challenge, flip-flopping along, trying to keep up with my husband, David, and brother, Eric, who wore tennies. Wet tennies.

We did lots of things that week in Cabo – some of them real, some imaginary. Like this boat ride out to the Pacific ocean:

We’re in a 40′ catamaran for a whale watching excursion out beyond the tip of the Baja Penninsula. Yet, for a minute, I imagined that we had come off that boat – the Princess Cruise line. If we had, we would have taken a small boat into shore to spend part of the day in Cabo San Lucas. Instead, we sailed on past the cruise ship out into the Sea of Cortez, where we spotted a baby hump-back whale with its mother. The baby was only a few days old and was leaping exuberantly out of the water, timing it just right so as not to be leaping up when I was clicking my camera.

I did have a little excursion on that cruise liner during my imaginary second week in Cabo, where I boarded the Princess and headed to Mazatlan.

Our group could have forked out 800 bucks or more and gone out at 6 AM on one of these fishing boats:

And if we’d gotten real lucky, we would have come back by 3 PM with one or more raised flags, announcing our catches we were hauling in for the day – such as dorado (mahi mahi), or sailfish, or marlin, or tuna, or … nothing – which resulted in your boat returning with no flags flying at all, even if you did pay the 800 bucks…

Not on our boat, esp. since we didn't go

And the pelicans are faithfully waiting for the catch to be hoisted up and weighed:

… and to grab some scraps when the fish are filleted:

Except, I refused to go fishing. So I sabotaged the whole idea. Hey! I get seasick. Plus, I look horrible at six in the morning, and I’m probably a witch, though one can’t be sure, because I’ve made it a point never to be up then, lest I find out for certain. Why take the chance?

I certainly did not go fishing, in my head, during my second week in Cabo.

We talked about owning a yacht, docking it here with the others:

But, well, a yacht all the way from …

Casper, Wyoming? How did they get it here?

We were always hungry for lunch and considering places to eat. Solomon’s Landing, near the docks, had great fish tacos:

Solomon's Landing

We discovered another restaurant for lunch, true to its name:

That's us, upstairs, behind those flowers

I took a photo of the view over those flowers on the second story deck where we were sitting …

…while waiting for our first round of giant, killer Margaritas. It was here that we celebrated Victor’s birthday, complete with serenade:

Stephanie and Victor -Do we have to listen to this even if it is Victor's birthday?

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you …,” sung in their finest Mexican accents, strumming two chords. “How about a love song?” Victor suggests.

And we drank more Margaritas than usual because it was Victor’s birthday …

… and his birthday reminded us of an old Beatles song, which we sang in unison all the way down the stairs and out the front door of the restaurant, because we were feeling really, really happy …

But we could still walk, so we went shopping at the grocery store:

We are disciplined about it:

We checked out some other shopping deals:

And entertainment options:

Then carried our loot home:

Melia Cabo Real Resort

It’s time for dinner now, and we’re headed back out into the balmy evening:

It’s 8:30 PM and we’re sitting in Victor’s favorite restaurant, Edith’s, whose culinary fare is fit for a king. Victor had made the reservation three days ago, and we felt lucky that they had squeezed us in before the end of our trip. Tonight was the feast to surpass all feasts! Order up the appetizers! Oh, but wait a minute, Jody … looks … pale. Says she feel’s a bit queasy. As in, she knows what’s in her stomach, of which she’s about to hurl, which would be ‘Pee-wee’ – that whole baby octopus, Pooky’s cousin, she ate in one piece at lunch at Seven Seas Restaurant overlooking the ocean a few hours earlier. So, no choice but to … bail Edith’s! Quickly! Head for the car! But wait, what about dinner? … Food fit for a king, is what we’re looking for? …

Victor Ate Here

Burger King comes to the rescue! The food was served fast enough to where Victor got Jody home just in time for the … well, you know… not-pretty scene involving her face, and the toilet, and loud convulsive sounds coming from the bathroom …

Alas, It is our final day. And I sit and take in the view from our balcony one last time before we check out of our resort:

Travel day. Good-bye to Cabo! – the southernmost tip of Baja California Sur. We are headed now to the airport in San Jose Del Cabo:

Time to board … and fly … and land … and get luggage … and drive…

Pulled into our driveway in Idaho Falls by 11 PM Sat. Feb 21. Temperature: 12 degrees.

Unpacked for a couple of days. And shivered. Geez! My blood must have thinned! Midway into last week, my imaginary second week in Cabo, I wandered outside and took this photo of our house:

Does this look like Cabo, Mexico?

And ran back to Cabo in my mind. I even considered planning a fishing trip in Cabo after I get back off the Princess cruise, returning from Mazatlan.

Okay, so today is Wednesday, March 3. Just another day. Except I came across Pooky, and a flood of great memories and fantasies washed over me, in the midst of my reality.

I took another picture this morning – this time out our front kitchen window…

That doesn’t look like the ocean to you, does it? Didn’t think so.

Hey! It’s a whopping 40 degrees! Is that rain?

I need to get out there and take down our Christmas lights. Okay … I’ll do it.

… But first, can I go on this Fiesta Cabaret Cruise …

…in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Please? Pretty Please?


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  1. Pauline Caraher Says:

    Enjoyed the BLOG!

    I will show it to mother tomorrow. and send it on to Margaret.

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