Black Friday? Are you kidding?

Friday, November 26. Black Friday. No, we’re not shopping! We’re “hunkering’. With Rudy as our mentor.

Here he is yesterday after Thanksgiving dinner, resting his sated tummy, stuffed with the fruits of his finely-tuned begging skills, coupled with his uncanny ability to pluck food scraps out of thin air with acrobatic feat.

Yeah, well he’s back on his diet today, like the rest of us.

So, let’s see, where did I leave off with my last blog, uh, ten days ago, was it? Oh yeah, we had some serious raking to do.

Which, we did. We raked like mad devils on Friday, November 19, because a storm was moving in by Saturday.

And sure enough, Saturday, November 20, it started snowing. And kept snowing. David started shoveling. I snapped this picture out our front door Saturday afternoon.


It kept snowing, and snowing, And blowing.

By Tuesday, Nov. 23, the storm became known as the “Blizzard of 2010.”

I snapped a picture of our infamous plum tree from inside looking out through our front kitchen window.

And I, too, was out there shoveling and scooping snow to the scraping and whirring of neighbors’ shovels and snow blowers. Cash registers were ka-ching-ing all over town, as stores sold out of anything and everything related to snow.

Our driveway and walk is clear for the moment! We’ve cut a path out through our twelve inches of snow.

And I can hurry out to shop for food and supplies. Before the stores close down from the blizzard.

Back home again. The snow has stopped but the wind is relentless. I creep out of the house with Rudy to snap a picture of our front walk. Rudy is racing to get back into the house…

his ears blowing sideways. No, our roof isn’t caving from the snow. I just can’t keep my iphone steady to take a pic for all my shivering.

The wind ushers in a cold front that drops the temperatures by 25 degrees. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

We wake up Wednesday with temperatures hovering at ‘minus’ 12 degrees. It does creep up to a whopping ‘plus’ 8 on Wednesday and Thanksgiving. ‘Plus’ is the new bliss!

Idaho winter. I knew after that first snowfall that it would return with a vengeance. I just didn’t expect to be socked in and nearly froze to death by Thanksgiving.

I’m hunkering. Today, Black Friday, is good day to write a blog. I’m sitting at the breakfast table with my feet hanging over the heater vent. Here. I just snapped a pic from where I’m sitting of our back yard.

whitiest black friday

It’s one of the whitest Black Fridays on record. But, yeah. I might go shopping. Buy us a snowblower. That is, if there’s any left in this town after the blizzard.

Oh, and maybe some snowshoes and some kind of space suit or some other such outerwear suitable for winter in the tundra.

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One Response to “Black Friday? Are you kidding?”

  1. Rene Says:

    I loved the picture of Rudy racing back towards the house with his ears flying and the appearance of the roof sagging. Too funny!

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