From Vegas to Pot Holes

February’s gone and I don’t know where it went.

Although, my husband and I made a whirlwind trip to Vegas over Valentine’s weekend. That, I remember. Plus, I have photos from the trip on my i-Phone. I blogged about it in February. You didn’t see the blog? Huh. That might be because I didn’t actually write the blog. I just thought about what I would write if I happened to write it, which, it ended up, I didn’t. I’m blaming it on February.

But hey, it’s March! Why not share it now? I can spare you, o’ dearest reader, the travel, time, and stress, but mostly the beaucoup bucks it takes to spend a few days in Vegas yourself. Are you ready?…

We are there now, looking over Las Vegas Boulevard near the south end of the strip, crossing an elevated walkway


toward the ‘New York, New York’ Motel/Casino.

Home of the Statue of Liberty ‘Las Vegas”. We enter the casino and beyond, into the neighborhood streets of Manhattan, with its low-lying streetlamps, Irish pubs and deli’s. And expensive shops. And the erotic Zumanity show.

Back outside, heading north on Las Vegas Boulevard, we arrive at the newer ‘Cosmopolitan’. The interior is dripping with crystal lighting and shimmering liquid ceiling treatments that flow out from a 2-story crystal chandelier:


Nice place to pass through. Or check in, if, perchance, you are attending an all-expenses-paid conference or something.

Vegas is all abuzz in celebration over the Chinese New Year –



February 4, 2011 begins the Year of the Rabbit!


In Vegas’s case, GIANT Rabbits


Excessively large rabbits


Huge fuzzy organic rabbits – adorn the indoor conservatory at the Bellagio.


Vegas goes green!

But, hey. What are we doing looking at rabbits when we could be shopping!

Might as well check out the shops in the Bellagio while we’re here.



On someone else’s dime, obviously. Since these shops cater to, say, about 1 percent of the world’s population, economically speaking.


Maybe you’re independently extremely wealthy or find yourself sauntering by these shops on the arm of a filthy rich mama or sugar daddy who’s just itching to buy you something.




Looking for shoes?


Behold the mighty stiletto. Huh? What the … Whatever happened to Women’s Lib? Women burned their bras in the late seventies because, uh, bras could be a little snug in the front at times, or a tad itchy under the armpit, or something, and women back then flat out refused to put up with such physical bondage and abuse! So they threw off their bras and burned them in protest. Remember?? And the modern ‘savvy’ woman has been duped into wearing stilettos???

What the @#&$ happened?


Pink sport coats for men. A wardrobe staple.


Van Cleef and Arpels?

How about we shop for a $600,000.00 watch or maybe some new winter diamonds to wear until spring.

If I happen to have an extra half-million bucks sitting around – I might just venture in there. Let’s see. Let me check my pockets one more time…

We tromp back up the strip past Caesar’s Palace

to the Palazzo, where we are staying the three nights we are here.

Entering the lobby now. (Feeling a tad under-dressed, Jody? Yes, I was.)

We wander over to the Venetian which is connected to the Palazzo.

We ascend to the top floor and, uh, suddenly we’re in Venice in early evening under partly cloudy skies. Anyone up for a gondola ride?

Ah, but we’ve caught our fligt back to Idaho now. I captured the Vegas strip from the air.


Within an hour we are flying over the mountains in south central Idaho. The Pioneer Range, maybe?


We are descending now, over the farms just west of Idaho Falls. Coming in for a landing…


Yeah, we’ve been back home a few weeks now-

We’re still getting snow, but we’ve had rain too. The temperatures are gradually rising and the snow pack is melting

into puddles large enough to swallow trees.

March skies are mostly dreary

And filthy snow

litters the street sides.

The chaos of early spring

aggregates in corners, open fields, and parking lots.

Abstracts abound

to inspire dreamers and painters.

Be careful of the gaping pot holes

Or is it a black hole?

Exposed piles of rotting leaves, pot holes, filthy black snow … the first hopeful signs of spring!

Yeah, well, not so fast. I’m not running out in the garden looking for crocus. Spring in southeast Idaho ain’t here yet. Not even close.

I stepped out our front door this morning, and snapped this photo:

March sure looks an awful lot like February.

2 Responses to “From Vegas to Pot Holes”

  1. david Says:

    Hmmm. Jody, where’s the picture of you onstage with the mostly naked Zumanity cast. You know, the one that looks like you’re attending an orgy?

    Nice bunny pictures, BTY.

    • joddy123 Says:

      like I’m actively participating in a gigantic orgy? Yeah, well, the experience was inexplicable even with the picture telling the first thousand words.

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