Kauai – Part…uh …VI!

You didn’t think we had left Kauai, did you? I still have to tell you about our last day! – Saturday, Jan 28. Temp: 80 degrees. Verdict: Cram as much fun into our day as we possibly can. Our flight home doesn’t leave until 7PM!

There’s plenty to do right here in Princeville. Like imagining you’re hanging with George Clooney and crew filming, “The Descendents”

every time you pass this fountain in the center of Princeville.


Clinging to Tom Cruise in a ‘War of the Worlds’ experience –

“Aaaaaaa! Don’t get sucked into the alien spacecraft hovering above us …

by that probing tentacle!”

“Oh Noooooo!”

“Not this way! Run! RUN!”

Eric suggests one last hike – just a short drive from the house to

the SeaLodge Resort.

Where you overlook an awesome beach

We might not need our swimsuits, though…

What hazardous conditions does this beach NOT have? Sea serpents?

Eric is up to his usual mischief


He lures us onto the trail.

It does prove a bit challenging

Thank goodness I’m wearing tennies this time.

Nice touch, Eric. A waterfall.

We arrive at the beach.

Lovely to look at… 🙂

Time to head back.

“Hey, Eric. Climb up that palm tree and get me a coconut!

Uh, but how would we get it open?

Um… shouldn’t we be hooking up with Tom Cruise about now? …

‘cuz, uhhh …. is that limb really an alien tentacle waiting to curl around and snatch up my hubby?

We are back up off the trail now. I try to capture the ocean view at SeaLodge Resort (Yeah, right. Impossible to capture but will share my attempt)- in this video

You can’t see them here, but there ARE some die-hard (it would be!) surfers out there catching waves (and getting stung by jelly fish?).

Eric takes a photo of David and me.

Crap! Vacation almost over… (can you read that in my facial expression?)

Wait. You didn’t really think we would be leaving Kauai NOW did you?

Don’t you want to hear about the second half of our last day on beautiful Kauai?


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