So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Paradise.



But, alas, the evening of 1-12-13 has arrived and we must catch the Red-Eye home again.

I snap one last photo of the scenery zooming past as we head to the airport in Lihue:


But, oh well. Vacation’s over. We land in Salt Lake City (stopping in L.A.) 10 AM Sunday, 1-13-13.

Catch a 20-minute shuttle from the airport to David’s truck in long term parking – outside – at a Park n’ Fly motel in Bountiful.

We’re at the truck now. Eric has just gotten the back end open…


David starts the truck. He and Eric work furiously to dig it out.



Hop in! We’re ready to go!


“Geez, turn up the heat!” I call from the back seat. I just can’t get warm. Do you want to see what minus 8 degrees looks like out my window?


It’s about a 3-hour drive straight north home to Idaho Falls. We notice the outside temperature keeps dropping.

We’re in Idaho now.


Temperature: Minus 12.

Turns out, with a low at minus 18, 1-13-13 marked the coldest day of winter 2013 in Idaho Falls. We would have to pick this day to return home from Paradise – and acclimate ourselves to a difference in temperature of about 100 degrees.

The bitter cold hung around for at least another week and then two days of 30 mph winds ushered in a winter storm.

There’s nothing like shoveling yourself out of a 10-inch snowfall to whip you back into shape!



Idaho winter Paradise? It’s a stretch, but …

What does 80 degrees feel like, again?

Kauai seems just a ghost of memory eating at us now.



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