Cattle, Gargoyles, and Oil Rigs

So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, lunch at the ‘Cafe’ in Dubois, Wyoming. We’re back on the road now – headed east on Highway 26.

200 miles to Casper…


The outside temperature is 95 degrees.


Beautiful Wyoming!

“Slow down, honey. Cattle drive ahead!”


I decide to roll down my window and capture it on video. (Click on photo below)

Flying by a cattle drive at 35 mph. Now, watch the video again, while imagining your head out the window getting hammered by a high wind in what feels like a 120-degree convection oven.

“The video’s lame!” you say? No. It’s MOO-velous!


Don’t ask me. We passed it.


And more cows…

Oh. We’re entering a town.


Left to Thermopolis? What, they have a monopoly on hot springs or something?

“Where are we?” I ask David.


There’s even a bar on the main strip ahead.


Yeah, well, how many Lucky Lounges have you been to?

A few miles further we see these formations


What have we here?


Gargoyles? Trolls? Did there used to be a bridge across here?

I asked David what he thought they were.

“Petrified Pac Man chasing a squirrel.”

We passed several oil wells


‘Rich Wyoming.’

And a lone house


surrounded by a vast emptiness.

‘Lonely Wyoming.’

“How would you like to live there, Megan?”


David pulls over to stretch. There is actually a sign at the pull-out.


“No hunting?” Hunting for what? Beetles?

We are entering Casper now, where we will bunk for the night.


We eat dinner at Sanford’s Grub & Pub, a few blocks from our motel. Where (it turns out) the food is less than stellar and the décor is … shall I say, not understated?

For example, yes, that is a Brontosaurus


greeting you as you pull into the parking lot..

Hey David, pose in front of Bugs Bunny for my blog!”


Fat chance.


“Thank you, Megan. What a sport!!”

We enter the restaurant. Thank goodness we don’t have to sit and wait for a table. I feel a little uncomfortable with this couch:


Although I have never given much thought to American Flag etiquette, I sure wonder if this couch is in flagrant (and gross!) violation of it. “Hey, how about we upholster a near-exact replica of ‘Old Glory’ across a couch so people can park their butts all over it.” I dunno. It just doesn’t sit right, if you know what I mean.

We’ re back outside now in front of the restaurant. I ham it up with “Charlie”


and ‘Hank’.


Who is really rather sweet.


Just the kind of guy I like. (David knows.) The quiet type. One who keeps his mouth shut.

Life is good.

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2 Responses to “Cattle, Gargoyles, and Oil Rigs”

  1. David Says:

    Hank’s a hunk. And a stoic. Nice post. MOO-velous?

  2. Tom Says:

    As Usual, Very Entertaining, Fun and Amusing! Thanks for Sharing!

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