‘Tis the Season

Jack-o-lantern faces grow moldy, collapse
Lose all their delightfulness
And get tossed in the trash.

Ghosts of leaves impregnate the walks


Heaps and heaps of fallen leaves
are raked and bagged,
guarded by Rudy


They’re soon to be hauled away.

Shadows grow long – hey, get to work!

No, stay very still, Jody

No, stay very still, Jody

Flowers freeze and wilt to a moldy gray

Come on! I'm still gorgeous

Come on! I’m still gorgeous

Give them a jerk!

Dull November skies


Open up and stream their warm sunny brilliance.


Hopeful November!

Uh, yea, so when did you notice that first reminder in TV ads that Christmas is coming? … That subtle jingle behind dancing snowflakes, then the red bullseye from Target. Laughing couples on a snowy hillside wearing red scarves, climbing into a shiny car, subliminally coaxing you, Buy a new car for Christmas!

What’s with the incessant media blitz about this year’s extended Black Friday deals? Hear ye! Did you know? November: the Black month of discounts! Ten days of Black Friday deals now begin on Sunday! Which Sunday? Huh? Turn on the radio, don’t wander astray, Black Friday deals start today!

Black month of discounts? Ahem.

Does that spark joy?

Barely a spark.  'Oh joy'

Barely a spark. ‘Oh joy’

I’m ranting to David about the onslaught of Christmas advertising and merchandise, once again, barely into November. Except this year the major retailers have upped their game with their incessant carrot-in-shoppers’-faces with their advertising of Black November deals –

Can we please find some refuge from constant reminders that the season to spend, spend, spend (!!) is here – “Black November?”

Christmas is best ignored, David advises me nonchalantly. Give it a rest, Jody. After all, it’s only November 12! Okay. I can go with that. We settle in for a little Thursday night Football – who’s playing? Oh the New York Jets vs. the Buffalo Bills. Cool, New York rivals!




What’s with their outfits?


A bunch of sparring elves. Directly from the North Pole?

Thoughts of Christmas will not be sidelined

Uh, unless you’re colorblind. Which was, in reality, problematic for many fans trying to figure out which team had the ball. (Problematic for colorblind players, as well?) Ha! Who would have thought?

Okay. Cool. Teams spreading a little Christmas spirit here. It’s a stretch, but I’m going with it, I said to myself last night during the game.

Then today I visited David at his office, and couldn’t resist capturing the photo for ‘November’ on his Calendar.

Racing toward 
Turkey Day

Racing toward Turkey Day

Yeah. I’m settling in with this image for the rest of November.

Turkeys running for their lives? you ask.

Hey, those are Sandhill Cranes. Brings a little peace to the fray.

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4 Responses to “‘Tis the Season”

  1. Lisa jones Says:

    I just want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, happy black November, a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! 🙂

  2. Jody Caraher Says:

    Ditto. ‘ Happy’s ‘ and smiley faces are welcome any time of year!

  3. dcaraher Says:

    You really take great photos.

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