Makauwahi Cave Reserve

Tuesday, January 12, 2016, the five of us pile into the SUV and drive down the east coast of Kauai to the southern tip near Po’ipu (another site where Six Days Seven Nights was filmed). Past Kapa’a we come alongside Sleeping Giant:

Sleeping Giant - 'shhhhhh!' don't wake him!

Sleeping Giant – ‘shhhhhh!’ don’t wake him!

Our first hike is to the limestone sinkhole known as the Makauwahi Cave Reserve.


It is a sinkhole within a large cave system formed in eoliantite limestone (for you rock hounds) containing the richest fossil site in the Hawaiian Islands – 10,000 years of sedimentary records.

Here is a photo of the sinkhole:

Makauwahi Cave - limestone sinkhole

Makauwahi Cave – limestone sinkhole

And a link with lots more photos of the cave.

The view from on top of the cave edge:


Hiking back now


Visiting the tortoises (you can climb into their fenced enclosure and visit them up close and personal):


From here we walked along Keoniloa Bay


The shoreline is made up of rocky cliffs


Hey, no worry, we found a soft cushy place for a picnic

What's your definition of 'soft and cushy?'

What’s your definition of ‘soft and cushy?’

Nice view toward Gillin’s Beach


Time to head back now


Building up a sweat!

David - even his sweat is sexy

David – even his sweat is sexy

Hey just dive into the ocean to cool off


Uh, maybe not.

Driving home now – back up the east side of the island. We’re starving! Stop in Kapa’a for lunch at Eastside restaurant.

Interesting artwork on the walls. Coconut spirits!


Sign says, ‘Paul Vilja, originally from Finland, is a prizewinning woodcarver. When he retired on Kauai, he became inspired by the mystical characters he saw hidden in the coconuts. Now he releases these spirits for all to enjoy.’


On the restaurant’s outside patio we meet this struttin’ rooster

'Struttin' cool'

‘Struttin’ cool’

Stealing the show. And the sidewalk. Don’t mess with him!

Later we’re out to dinner at the Baracuda, one of Steph and Vic’s favorite restaurants in Hanalei.

Now dear reader, in honor of Valentine’s Day, a special treat for you. From my dear brother, Eric, a.k.a “Cuddles Cutes”. A video I took of him while we were waiting for our dinner at the Baracuda.

“My heart’s beating for you.”

There. You feel just a little more loved now, don’t you?

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4 Responses to “Makauwahi Cave Reserve”

  1. Michel Ottaviani Says:

    May I reproduce the Makauwahi cave photo in the framework of a french book on the Hawaiian Finches?
    Michel Ottaviani, a french ornithologist (attache to Paris museum)

  2. Michel Ottaviani Says:

    Many thanks to you! Are you the author of the photo, Jody Caraher? or must I credit another person as the photographer?
    Kind regards

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