Niagara Falls – Part 2

to continue … it’s Wednesday, June 29. We’re in Niagara Falls on the American side, exploring the sites – This sign gives you a big picture of the area and the layout of the Falls:

overhead view of American Falls and Horseshoe Falls

overhead view of American Falls and Horseshoe Falls

You see American Falls in the center and Horseshoe Falls on the left. We were at the number ‘1’ area earlier, that I just blogged about – where the Maid of the Mist loads and unloads, where we walked up alongside American Falls in our blue raincoats and took the video…

After lunch we walked over the bridge to Goat Island

Bridge to Goat Island

Bridge to Goat Island

out to Terrapin Point (# 3 on the map)- right up beside Horseshoe Falls

Walking to Terrapin Point

Walking to Terrapin Point

We’re approaching the Falls now…

Horseshoe Falls ahead

Horseshoe Falls ahead

You get the best views of the Falls from the Canadian side. But on the American side you can stand right alongside the cascading American and Horseshoe Falls.

American Side of Horseshoe Falls

American Side of Horseshoe Falls

I took a video

The walks are slippery.


Looking right you see American Falls and the bridge that crosses the Niagara River into Canada.

American Falls

American Falls

Walking back. It’s fun to people watch



Captured one last video of the Niagara River and Horseshoe Falls

Crossing the bridge back from Goat Island.

Where's the crowds?

Where’s the crowds?

Sure picked a good time to visit Niagara Falls, hardly any crowds. Judging from the entrance to the Maid of the Mist, lines can swell to Disneyland proportions.


The trolley cars are fun


Especially when the lines are short and you can find a seat at the Trolley stop.


Hey look! Giant worms.

Special Attraction

Special Attraction

Aw, cute.

Okay, so I suddenly find myself out of photos and videos of Niagara Falls – American side. We didn’t cover every special attraction but we absolutely couldn’t pass up the Haunted House.

Niagara Falls Haunted House

Niagara Falls Haunted House

Seeing it reminded me that Megan had never been in a Haunted House. When I was seven or so, I went through a Haunted House, and I remembered it as one of the most exhilarating experiences of my childhood. David and I had to take Megan through this Haunted House to remedy the depravity of her childhood. We had no choice as parents, here, as far as I was concerned.

We’re going in now. (Signs are posted that photography is allowed.)


Shhhh! Walk softly … Be very afraid

Are you scared yet? David leads the way…. he’s so brave…

Blink your eyes fast while watching this next exhibit

‘Psycho vision’

Uh, well maybe 55 years ago this Haunted House might have spooked a 7-year-old. (Doubtful?)

But, then, as I was about to exit the Haunted House, I swear, a ghost grabbed my i-Phone and shot this video …

Let me outta here!

Okay, time to drive over the bridge through Customs to the Canadian side …

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