Sprinter Chills … er … Fever

Our crocuses came up! Yay!! They are white and purple and perky! Although my transplanted hyancinths are not doing so great. The buds look like dried prunes and the leaves are spreadeagled on the dirt, all yellowish and crinkly. Oh well. As I said, teach them to end up in my garden! We’ve had some ‘moisture’ (okay so it’s snowing again today). I’m coming to know this season as my brother calls it: ‘Sprinter.’ We had two days at Easter in the lower sixties before the temps took a 20-degree dive.

But hey, I’m fixin’ to go to Arizona for a week starting this weekend. I plan to bring at least a suitcase of hot air back with me. Well, not, actually, since my carry-on suitcase will be crammed to the gills with my 7-day stuff. There are three of us going – me, my hubby and our daughter. The plane tickets through Delta were quite reasonably priced except we will be charged 25 bucks each way for each bag we check. Cha-ching! That amounts to 150 extra bucks if we each check one bag! So I guess we are doing carry-on, as I assume most everyone else will be too. Will there be dashing and elbowing and gnashing of teeth in the quest to claim precious overhead space? (Okay let’s hope not. I’ll try to behave myself.)

I decided to shop this past week for something new to wear on the trip – a new pair of stylish walking sandals, perhaps, and a new summer purse would be fun. Yeah, fun for others, watching me clomp across the airport terminal in my new stiletto sandals, with my new tire-sized purse slamming me in the hip with each stride, jerking me off balance. Hey everybody! Watch this 55-yr-old woman trying to look hip in her 4-inch wedgies and gargantuan tote, sprain her ankle, collapse, and cry while on the way to her gate, or better yet, sprain her ankle after boarding the plane, while clawing her way down the center aisle, likely knocking out seated passengers with her purse, to get to the fast-fleeting-free-space in the overhead compartment near her seat.

Hey, I’m just kidding. It’s all good.

But, seriously! What’s with all the stilettos and 4-inch wedgie shoes and backpack-sized handbags for women that are filling the store shelves? I’m going fogey and out-of-style on this one, pulling out my 5-yr-old clunky Birkenstocks with the two straps that transverse the top of my foot, albeit, darn it, I never was able to get that giant grease spot out of one of them. But hey, I should be able to manage my out-of-date purse and carry-on suitcase through the airport check-in and terminal without crippling myself. I’d better just stay nice too, since, stilettos or not, I can’t lift my suitcase up into the overhead compartment.

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2 Responses to “Sprinter Chills … er … Fever”

  1. Rene Miller Says:

    I loved Sprinter Chills. You created quite a funny picture for my visual enjoyment. I am also glad to know what season we have here. Enjoy your trip to Arizona. Soak up some sun for me!

  2. _joey_ Says:

    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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