My ‘Sprinter’ … Dream?

April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009

So we’re Baaaack home now from our trip to Arizona! With a ‘fresh’ start – Ah yes! This morning, our first morning back, we awoke to … well, see for yourself.  I shot this picture out our kitchen window – see the tulips ’round our flowering (not) crab tree!  My thoughts are swirling in my head like a spring blizzard – I’m in a ‘sprinter’ mind jumble – and my thought-censoring button is flashing as I write this blog : “Caution!” – “No!” Don’t say that!” But hey, we wouldn’t want my young, budding blog to die a silent, cold, ‘sprinter’ death right here, right now, would we?

Speaking of ‘budding’ and ‘dying a silent, cold,’sprinter’ death,’ I must say, transplanting those hyacinths in my garden two or so weeks ago turned out to be a bad idea. The hyacinths would have done fine growing up co-joined with the tulips compared to, uh, dead. They  look like, uh, well, accidents that should never have happened.   I hope they come up next year. But then if I hadn’t separated them from their Siamese tulip twins and transplanted them this year then next spring (sprinter) I would be like, “Oh, there’s those dumb hyatulips again!” Now I know: Transplant them after they have bloomed and waned,  if I must. Hyatulips, though, are harmless and likely lovable just the way they are – that’s what I know now. I am the one with the problem! How about pluck me out of the garden! Well, to be honest, I suspect my two-green-thumbed-gardening-dynamo neighbor would not be pleased with hyatulips sprouting in her garden.

We had a great trip to Phoenix, Arizona (which, even though we returned yesterday,  now feels like a distant memory).  We stayed in a condo at South Mountain in Tempe. I learned a few things too. First of all, concerning carry-on liquids, everyone who flies knows that you MUST CARRY NO MORE THAN 3.4 FLUID OUNCES AND ALL LIQUIDS MUST GO THROUGH SECURITY SEALED IN QUART (ONLY) ZIP LOCK BAGS. Which I followed. I faithfully laid all my quart ziplocked liquids in the security bins. I took off my shoes, and my watch and my belt and held up my pants so as to kindly not expose my aging butt crack while transporting myself through security. I also just had to bring my Paul Mitchell mousse on vacation to volumnize my fine hair, at least while I still have hair. And I figured I had about 3 ounces of mousse left in my 8-oz foaming can (tucked inside my suitcase) and so I was good. But NOOOOOOO. I learned (while standing barefoot still holding up my pants) from the security agent digging in my suitcase to confiscate my mousse, that they go by CONTAINER size, not by the amount of liquid.

I must make a plug for a restaurant in Tempe called Z-Tegas, on I-10 and Ray Road – where we had a delicious lunch. We took an overnight side trip up to Sedona and Flagstaff – stayed in Uptown Sedona with its exquisite red rocks and shopping and … more shopping!  Not much night life, unless you enjoy window shopping by lamplight, although The Cowboy Club in Uptown Sedona was a great dinner spot.

We hiked on South Mountain in Tempe- before 11 AM, as the temperatures rose to a hundred degrees.  A hundred degrees! We played several vicious games of scrabble with my husband’s 96-year-old mother who lives near Tempe and I vowed after my pathetic last-place scores to start unscrambling the daily jumbles in the newspaper (or the jumbles in my head, whichever comes first). We did other stuff that tourists do, and thoroughly enjoyed our week in the hot temperatures.  A week in the hot temperatures! Really?  Or was it all just a jumbled-up  ‘sprinter’ dream?

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2 Responses to “My ‘Sprinter’ … Dream?”

  1. Rene Miller Says:

    Once again, very funny. You made me laugh at loud, but at least I didn’t wet my pants, so that is a plus. I loved hearing about your trip. It sounds wonderful! I am jealous!

  2. joddy123 Says:

    It was wonderful. I found I adapted to 100-degree weather just fine.

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