Have Camera, Will (Not?) Shoot Foot.

It happened in the back seat of our rental car during our trip to Phoenix in April: I accidentally activated the camera function  on my new i-phone and, poof! – I took a picture!  Then  I took a bunch more.  I can store them on the phone or delete any photo – it gets sucked off the screen and into the trash by simply touching the trashcan icon in the lower right corner. Although once you suck a photo into oblivion, I don’t think you can unsuck it, which, for me, sucks – and which might explain why I now have over 70 photos stored on my phone.  I’m rather attached to them. This also explains the profuse addition of photos to my blog (novel idea- geez, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this?).  And I have to admit, it’s down right painful now to view my  pre-mid-April picture-less blogs, all of them a sea of words, words, words!  Photos are the bomb!  Er, what I mean to say is, some of my photos might classify as bombs.

You figure it out

You figure it out

Take this one for instance.  I was aiming to shoot scenery out my passenger window as it flew by (no, not the window, the scenery).  I had the camera ready to roll and … poof! Well, I missed my foot.  What you see here in focus is the dash of our rental car.  The rest of it is up to artistic interpretation.   This was like, my fifth or sixth photo and I was really flying with this i-phone photography, or so I thought.

Below you will see a more successful attempt at my capturing the sunset, um, over some hills or something, not sure.  I’m very good at math, so I calculated  the upcoming sign rushing toward us at 75 mph vs. its distance away, over time,  so as to push that camera button at precisely the right moment, to capture this photo:

What were the odds?

What were the odds?

I don’t know why I don’t have photos of the magnificent red rock cliffs of Sedona, or of  Indian ruins we visited. These photos  pretty much comprise the scope of my Phoenix shoot.

And I’m thinking it’s time for me to get a photo of myself on my blog.  I would feel real comfortable with the look of my High School senior portrait, but since I graduated from High School  in 1971, guess I should opt for one a tad more recent.  I haven’t tried taking a picture of myself with my phone – admittedly,  that sounds  like a fiasco.  Although I feel confident that I could take a pretty decent photo of my foot.

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5 Responses to “Have Camera, Will (Not?) Shoot Foot.”

  1. david Says:

    What I remember most about that particular photo shoot was you convulsed in laughter after every attempt at getting a shot.

    • joddy123 Says:

      Well, now you know there was an explanation for the hyena-like behavior coming from the back seat. Now repeat to yourself, “My wife is not a crazy person.” Do this until you have convinced yourself.

  2. Rene Miller Says:

    Thanks for laugh. I needed it after a day of work. What are the odds of getting that shot. I bet you could never do it again in a million years.

  3. Susan Says:

    I had similar problems trying to figure out how to use our son’s digital camera on our (hubby and me) trip to Tucson, Arizona this past Spring to see the desert in bloom. The desert was quite nice but not all the pictures were. Oh well!

    • joddy123 Says:

      I took photos in Arizona with both my i-phone and my old 35 mm point-and-shoot camera. It’s hard to say how the 35 mm photos came out, since they are still in the camera undeveloped. Everyone gets really frustrated with me when I take a picture with that camera and they ask, “Oh, let me see!”
      “What do you mean?” I say… “I have to finish out the roll and then go get them developed.” Which, well, now the camera(and undeveloped photos) is crammed in a drawer in the dining room buffet.

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