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It’s pretty funny that I have an i-phone.  I am way over my head with it (surprise! surprise!) – I mostly try to ignore all those colorful icons on the i-phone screen that could be connected to programs, links and  technology – all accessible with a mere touch of a finger!

“What programs, links and technology?” that’s what I say.  Those things only complicate my life.  The only reason I got an i-phone is because my husband got an i-phone.  We were both perfectly happy with our old phones but our cellular company was bought out by AT&T and we were forced (and reaching the deadline) to get new phones. We were at the AT&T store, and my husband started fiddling with an i-phone, and a young, perky female sales associate was on him with her sales pitch like a starving fly to dried jelly.  I saw the writing on the wall, a vision if you will, right there on the spot:  Of me  sitting with him at the hearth at home, craning my neck, watching him play with his i-phone –  checking  on the current weather in London, typing out witty texts to our sons on his i-phone keyboard (with its keyboard sound effects), doing instant  internet fact searches to back up his conversation, listening to his favorite i-tunes …  I … wasn’t having it.  With two i-phones we can have concurrent internet searches and I’ve even beat him to the facts a couple of times.  Well, one time.   I totally text our sons like never before (okay, maybe ten times by now) and I have nearly a hundred photos stored on my phone, compared to his <10.  So there!  He does lots of other stuff quite comfortably with his phone, about which, I am clueless.

We could download God-knows-how-many i-tunes off the, uh, i-tunes website?  I don’t know.  I’m not in a big hurry to know.  I like my CD’s.  I still have two boxes of cassette tapes I cherish by fabulous artists like Supertramp and Carly Simon.  I immediately toss dept. store fliers advertising Wii’s and  i-pods and …  i-pod docking stations (docking stationsShouldn’t those be confined to outer  space?)  I still have much to learn about my i-phone, to ‘simplify’ and enhance my life.  Yeah, right.

Okay so I know I should try to learn, be willing to learn, how to better use more technology. For my sake. For my kids’ sake. For society’s sake.  So I can still function (in my home?) and communicate with the outside world in twenty years (ten years?… five years?).   So I don’t evolve  into a  frightened, disconnected, reclusive, geriatric, anti-techno-frustrate-stage-four crazy person.  (Who, Me?)

Wow! That’s  not a pretty picture!  Well, exploring my i-phone is a start. I’ve succeeded in taking my first picture of myself with my i-phone, and yes, it was a fiasco:

the budding anti-techno frustrate

the budding anti-techno frustrate

I’d better go now and throw out our TV with the bunny ears.

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