Kauai- Part II

So where were we?  Oh yeah, we had just finished lunch at the Koke-e Lodge and were watching Eric cast his magic spell over the feral chickens (tossing crumbs from his leftover sandwich).

We made our way back to our cars – in anxious anticipation of Victor’s hike – which would take us to two fabulous lookouts, the Kalalau and Puuokkela  in Kokee State Park. Say it aloud: “Kay-lay-lay-oo and Poo-oo-oh-Kay-el-ay in Koe-Kay-ee State Park ….”  Oh, forget it.

We’re on the trail now.  It’s a tad more rigorous than I had anticipated.

Steph on the trail - David above Steph

How did you get UP THERE, Eric? And how am I going to do it?

Oh, that’s right. You’re half mountain goat.

We climbed, clung, and clawed our way to the top.

David at the summit

We’re headed back down now

Clouds rise up the side of the mountain and roll over us

That’s the ocean in the distance. It follows the ridge. Or maybe the ridge follows the ocean.

We’re halfway down now

No, I guess it’s up.

And still up – before we gradually descend to lower ground.

The ocean comes into clearer view.

We’re down now. Headed back to the car.

Why did the rooster cross the road?

Because he owns it. Seriously. These fowl critters strut around like they’re the State bird.

We pass through Waimea canyon again on the drive home.

A mermaid washes up on shore.

"Cuddles Cutes"

And then another mermaid.

It's my Hubby!

Yeah, well we put them on the dishes when we got home.

What do you suppose those two were up to after that? …

One Response to “Kauai- Part II”

  1. Miss Karen Says:

    Damn! That rooster is one good-looking animal.

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