Kauai- Part III

Our trip was all play and no work. Except, well, you know that expression, ‘fish and relatives stink after three days.’ So by the fourth day David, Eric, and I thought it prudent to jolt ourselves out of ‘freeloading’ mode and offer Steph and Vic some assistance with home repair/improvement projects.

So we had a ‘work day.’ Starting with following Victor to the dump.

David and Eric are unloading our rental car. (I see Eric’s wearing his obnoxious Einstein shirt.)

I’m taking photos (hey, that takes two hands)

of them recycling boxes.

(Isn’t this fascinating?) Have photos, will post! Does this blog totally validate me or what, regarding my contribution on ‘work day’!

David replaced lights on the outside of the house

while Eric replaced lights on the inside

because Eric has a total irrational fear of spiders… uh, these Kauai spiders in particular…

which, I might add, were nesting in the outside bushes and along the roofline and which are completely harmless (as long as you don’t disturb their web).

Victor is famous for his Won Ton soup


He did most of the cooking:

Meanwhile, Steph never wastes a free moment, even on vacation,

researching scientific articles about bio-chemical processes to write her health blogs.

David is still replacing outside bulbs

Eric scrubs the grill

and repairs a deck chair.

I do have a picture of myself at work

lounging beside Steph on the deck (oceanview side) so she can discuss with me her theories on cholesterol sulfate and why its production (mainly in the skin from sun exposure) is essential to health. My work here in the above picture is three-fold: listening to Steph, producing cholesterol sulfate in my skin from sunbathing, and photographing it.

Our other quest was to find evening entertainment. We consulted the concierge at a nearby resort to investigate the local prospects of our favorite vacation past time: Karaoke. Verdict: None. (What’s that about? They KNEW we were coming?) So we had to improvise, implement Plan ‘B’ (Turn up your volume)

Hey. What can I say? Steph and Vic have an i-Pod with about a thousand tunes that connects to a Bose sound system.

Who needs Karaoke?

Yeah, well, when you’re vacationing in Kauai, everything you do is play.

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