Being Mitt Romney

Over the past four years I have received in my email a steady dose of forwarded messages containing anti-Obama propaganda – Undoubtedly you’ve heard it all too: “Obama hates whites.” “Obama is a socialist.” “Obama is a Muslim.” “Obama caused the current economic crisis.” “Obama Care has death panels.” “Obama is not patriotic.” “Obama was not born in America.” etc etc Blah, blah blah blah.

Well, I have a little poem I’d like to post – written by my brother, who is a very hard working local business owner. His business has been in operation for almost forty years, but he has never worked so hard as now, during the recent economic downturn, to keep his business afloat, letting workers go, taking more and more on his own back, while other numerous local businesses go under.

Alas, in his frustration he penned this poem:

Being Mitt Romney

I’d like to be Mitt Romney
Where every day is sunny
And it’s never stormy
Where the streets I walk upon
Are paved with gold

And Joseph Smith
Is watching over my soul
Where flower petals
Are falling at my feet
And everything is just so gosh darned neat

Yes, I’d like to be Mitt Romney
I’m thinking about making
Another acquisition
But let me first firmly
State my position

I’d like to be your President
But I’m keeping my cards
Close to my chest
What I’ll really do
Is anybody’s guess

Just don’t be thinking
About where
All the money was spent
When the American dream
Has come and went

I’ll just be sitting back
Thanking God
That I’m
Such a
Big Fat Cat

It’s good to be Mitt Romney
Yes it’s good to be Mitt Romney

Getting ready
To do another
Hostile Takeover
To cover the costs of my
Ocean beach front home makeover

Don’t want no government regulator
Checking out my car elevator
But I would like another tax cut
To add to the padding
That’s behind my butt.

Nothing like a big fat billfold
To keep you warm
When it’s Oh So Cold.
But it’s never cold in the Cayman Islands
That’s where I’m always smiling

Thinking about all
Those obscene amounts
Sitting there
In my
Offshore bank accounts

Oh it’s good to be Mitt Romney
Yes it’s great to be Mitt Romney

I Want to Be Mitt Romney
And have piles and piles of money

Instead of posting a link to depressing article(s) (okay I will) about the filthy rich top 1 percent and how the top-1-percent-control-42-percent-of-financial-wealth-in-the-us-how-average-americans-are-lured-into-debt-servitude-by-promises-of-mega-wealth), and how the poor keep getting poorer, the middle class is disappearing, etc. I would like to post a more uplifting article that recently appeared in the New York Times that highlights a few of President Obama’s accomplishments over the past four years:


It’s nice to read an article giving President Obama at least some recognition for his many accomplishments as President.

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2 Responses to “Being Mitt Romney”

  1. Rene Miller Says:

    I loved the poem! I didn’t know your brother had such writing talent. hidden within him.

  2. Jody Caraher Says:

    Yes, alias “Cuddles” – my sweet darling brother, half ‘mountain goat’ the hiker, dancer, bearer of that obnoxious t-shirt of Einstein in neon colors, beautiful mermaid, on our Kauai trip mentioned
    in recent blogs.

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