Kauai – Part II

To continue at the dump where we left off … Yeah, well, as aroused as Eric might have been at the prospect of hanging out (so to speak) on a nude beach – we had to consider the question: Would we willingly accost our own eyes with full frontal or derrier views of anyone remotely near the age of 60 and beyond? People like US? NO. Nude beaches are for voyeurs and exhibitionists – YOUNG SUPPLE ONES.

“Not on my bucket list, Eric.”

We headed over to Sea Lodge in Princeville where we could hike down to the ocean – another ‘anger us’ hike in wet weather, but a pretty safe bet today, with the scant amount of rain we’ve had.

I snapped a picture of the shoreline from the trailhead…


It’s a beautiful but challenging hike. I’m too busy trying to keep my footing to take photos, but I do capture this one:


We’re down now. At the shore. I pose for a photo, trying to contain my senses


standing on the rocks – enveloped in cool sea mists with the surf crashing behind me.

I captured the moment in a video (turn up your sound). David inadvertantly adds a funky sound track of “Ah – ooo – ooo – ooo’s and AH- ah- ah- ah’s…

That’s a Princess cruise ship on the Horizon, or Carnival Lines, or something. And about a hundred people are throwing up right now from norovirus.

Eric, don’t strain so hard to smile, you could get naked –


we’ve found such a remote spot here…

Time to hike back up-


rest our chests in the banyan forest.

The weather stayed clear – so we decided to embark on another adventure before noon per Eric’s suggestion – to the Queen’s Bath.

We pass a waterfall on the hike down, you know, your average every day waterfall on Kauai…


Which is pretty much what ‘Paradise’ looks like if one were to imagine it.

We’ve reached the shoreline, scrambling across rocks now –


toward the Queen’s Bath. I stumble a bit – then come upon this plaque. Don’t know why the picture is sideways, maybe it’s my stumble, or nerves, or both …


Yeah, well, I wouldn’t protest getting swept off my feet, if the occasion offered, but ‘out to sea’ would be another matter. Of course, with Eric in the lead, we have to find the Queen’s Bath, and explore about every square inch of it along the way.

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