Queens Bath – (Kauai – Part III)

“The Queen’s Bath is a tide pool about the size of a swimming pool, located below some cliffs in Princeville along a rocky shoreline.” (This is the description given in a tour guide.) “Like many ocean attractions, the area can be dangerous with those dangers difficult for tourists to identify.”

Hey Eric, remember, we are tourists.

He and David have forged ahead. I see these signs are posted everywhere


Eric treks on out of sight. I capture a few photos of the waves crashing against the shoreline.




And then a video…

Another group of tourists are there. From Alaska. One is a serious photographer toting a telephoto lens as big as her calf. They jump down on the rocks below us. I’d sure like to see her photos and video, that is, if the ocean didn’t devour them…

Feeling pressed for a lunch date, David and I decide to turn back – this might be a better attraction to see in the summer, anyway. Eric catches back up to us before we make it back to the car.

The weather is sunny and exquisite so after lunch we head out to explore several other local attractions. This time my sister Steph is along. Our first stop is the ‘lava pools’ which we don’t see because of the tide. But the scenery is worth it.


Eric, Steph and I gather together on a rock for David to take a picture of us, a fine picture indeed with Secret Beach in the background. Except Eric is holding a beer bottle between his legs and David suggests that maybe for the photo Eric should conceal the bottle. I think, no problem, let big sister intervene here –


I could just hide the bottle with my hand (I guess is what I was thinking)

“Jody, I don’t think you want to show this picture on your blog.”


Hahaha! Eric, this is all your fault. If you didn’t require so much adult supervision these things wouldn’t happen.

Anyway, we finally settle into a proper pose:

Had you noticed that in the far distance on the penninsula you can see the Kilauea Lighthouse? No?

Next we head over to what we called “surfer beach’ – you can pull right off and park right there at the beach and you can actually swim and surf the beach. And picnic with your dogs. Well, we didn’t stay long, but there were a few surfers. I captured this video of the beach which I have entitled: “Who Let the Dogs out on Surfin’ USA”:

In the beginning you can just hear the Beach Boys singing “Surfin’ USA” (okay, if you’re over 55) and then the song “Who Let the Dogs Out’ butts right in and then gives way to the the surfin’ song again. (An imaginary sound track. Hmmm. Nice touch…) Yeah, right.

Well, that brings us to Monday afternoon, Jan 20. Nearly half our trip is over …

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4 Responses to “Queens Bath – (Kauai – Part III)”

  1. iowachick Says:

    Great pictures. We could live there & go to the beach every day!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Jody Caraher Says:

      I’ve thought about that too. Would the beach ever get tiring? The weather too boring? Would I yearn for winter? Not likely…

  2. Rene Miller Says:

    Loved the family pics! Little brothers are always troublemakers.

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