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Kauai’s North Shore: Princeville, ‘Puff’, Starfruit, Giant Surf, and a … Mermaid?

February 4, 2018

When we visit Kauai, we stay in Princeville on the north shore. It is the rainier part of the island, but on most rainy days showers give way to mists and rainbows, and sun again. Below is a (admittedly rather crappy) visual of the Island. Locate Princeville on the northern edge and you can see that to get to sites on the western side of the island you have to drive around the perimeter of the island.

Island of Kauai

Kauai is small enough, though, that you can reach any area of the island by car in an hour or so. Just for fun, here you see a topographical map of Kauai. It is very mountainous, which explains why you can’t drive across the island.

Our favorite places around Princeville include Hanalei Bay, Lumaha’i Beach, and the Queen’s Bath, all of which we visited this last trip. Hanalei Bay is about a 10-minute drive west of Princeville on the North shore, home of “Puff the Magic Dragon” made famous in a song in 1963 by Peter, Paul and Mary. (OMG! 55 years ago?)

We walk to the end of the dock and then down the beach along Hanalei Bay

Steph and Vic walking the beach at Hanalei Bay

Here’s a picture of David on the beach. Do you see the girls in bikinis?

Nothing wrong with David’s vision


David does. Wading in the water by the dock …

By now, being so very hungry and thirsty after our walk on the beach, we head to the Kalypso in Hanalei for lunch and libations. When my drink arrives I find myself staring at … Yoda?

You’re going to eat me?

I shouldn’t eat him, right? Well, he is a slice of starfruit. It’s quite tasty. The pulp is crisp and not too sweet.

Steph and Vic have a starfruit tree in their front yard, with ripe fruit.

Starfruit tree

Here you see one being sliced:

Okay, to make this blog extra special I’ll include the video I took of my brother Eric with his assignment from Victor to harvest the ripe starfruit on their tree:

Despite the rigorous requirements of the job, Eric seems up to the task.

By the way, after you visit Hanalei you absolutely must drive 8 minutes further west on Route 56, pull off to the side of the road and park, and walk the path down to Lumaha’i Beach! We visit this beach every year. It is magnificent with high surf, albeit it is unsafe for swimming and surfing most of the year. This beach was made famous for a scene in the movie ‘South Pacific.’ The surf was low when we visited this year and I didn’t take a video. But it is worth sharing the video I took last year…

Although I do catch a rooster crowing three times (??) in the background, my video doesn’t hold a candle to a video I found on You tube of the same spot: click on this link – taken on January 20, 2016, during record high surf with an added bonus of lots of girls diving into the crashing waves in bikinis. (You’re welcome, honey)

I took a photo of the short climb back up…

Onward now, to the Queen’s Bath, again, only a few minutes drive from Princeville. Here, a visual of the area:

So high tech – screenshot of a Google link

You can practically walk to the Queen’s Bath if you’re in Princeville, however, the path down to it is treacherous after a rain. David, Eric and I hiked down to it on a sunny day, after a few rainy days. Boy was it slick! We didn’t follow too closely behind the people in front of us.

The trail takes you down onto a ledge of rocks

Follow the rock surface along the shore to the point – where you have marvelous views of the distant coastline.

We have been to the Queen’s Bath several times but have never seen the bath because it was covered by high tide. But today – we hit it at low tide. The ocean has retreated enough to expose the bath, and the waves crash over the edges of the bath replenishing the water. As the bath comes into view – we notice a swimmer in it.

It’s a mermaid

A mermaid? She must have washed up into the bath from the ocean with the other fish? Hey if fruits can make eye contact with you while perched on the edge of your drink in Kauai, then why would a Mermaid encounter surprise you?

Pretty certain she’s a mermaid

Suddenly the mermaid disappears from sight and humans of all sizes scramble to the edge of the bath like clusters of crabs.

They jump in, swim around, climb out, and another group lines up along a descending ledge, climb in, and swim.

We watch the swimmers a while, then decide to hike back out. (Maybe next time we’ll wear our suits, or flippers or something.)

Hiking back out now.

The muddy path weaves through what looks like a Giant’s petrified potato patch.

Hiking back up from Queens Bath

Toward the top of the trail I pass a very large spider. Do you see him/her? She’s right in the center of the photo – a yellow blotch.

Spider is dead center

Here, I’ll zoom in on her so you can get a closer look:

See her striped legs? I think she’s a common Kauai garden spider. Pretty exciting. When was the last time you saw a large garden spider?

Okay, well, we blast our muddy shoes, legs and feet with the hose nozzle before we announce our arrival to Steph and Vic back at their house in Princeville.

So … why do I keep writing these endless Kauai blogs??? Just think! I could have been outside instead, picking up dog turds strewn across our back yard that dropped like pine cones out of the winter snow melt.

Queen’s Bath, Lumaha’i Beach

February 21, 2015


“Come on! You left Kauai a month ago!” I know, I know. Actually a month and three days ago. But I just can’t resist sharing these last few photos and videos of our trip – sites along the north shore of Kauai, near Princeville. The picture above is a closer view of the photo below, the stream flowing along the path down to the Queen’s Bath –

Definitely Paradise

Definitely Paradise

Through a banyan tree forest


The path toward the bottom is very steep – the quintessential Kauai ‘anger us conditions’ kind of path after a rain. Luckily we’d had several dry days in a row, so we ventured down.


Okay, so we should probably take the signs seriously. Waves are unequivocally breaking on the ledge.


The surf was high, so we stayed on the rocks one tier above the ledge and were only able to overlook the spot where the Queens (Stephanie and I, myself – Josephine) could bathe. Oh well. We really didn’t want to get crushed on the rocks or washed out to sea during our beauty baths. Better to enjoy the waves from a safe distance. I shot this video.

Nice touch with the rainbows. The Queens (Steph and Jody) are duly scintillated and enraptured.

Climbing back up now


Watch your step!

From here we head for a stroll on Lumaha’i Beach. Steph likes to get her feet wet.

Lumaha'i Beach

Lumaha’i Beach

Uh, not that wet!


I captured a video

Surf’s up!

There. An injection of Paradise. Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered to spiff up your February day?

Especially if you’re in Boston. Or anywhere east of the Rockies for that matter… Whewsh! Uh, I’ve no comment there. Other than that’s the winter I’m glad I didn’t come back to.

Queens Bath – (Kauai – Part III)

February 7, 2014

“The Queen’s Bath is a tide pool about the size of a swimming pool, located below some cliffs in Princeville along a rocky shoreline.” (This is the description given in a tour guide.) “Like many ocean attractions, the area can be dangerous with those dangers difficult for tourists to identify.”

Hey Eric, remember, we are tourists.

He and David have forged ahead. I see these signs are posted everywhere


Eric treks on out of sight. I capture a few photos of the waves crashing against the shoreline.




And then a video…

Another group of tourists are there. From Alaska. One is a serious photographer toting a telephoto lens as big as her calf. They jump down on the rocks below us. I’d sure like to see her photos and video, that is, if the ocean didn’t devour them…

Feeling pressed for a lunch date, David and I decide to turn back – this might be a better attraction to see in the summer, anyway. Eric catches back up to us before we make it back to the car.

The weather is sunny and exquisite so after lunch we head out to explore several other local attractions. This time my sister Steph is along. Our first stop is the ‘lava pools’ which we don’t see because of the tide. But the scenery is worth it.


Eric, Steph and I gather together on a rock for David to take a picture of us, a fine picture indeed with Secret Beach in the background. Except Eric is holding a beer bottle between his legs and David suggests that maybe for the photo Eric should conceal the bottle. I think, no problem, let big sister intervene here –


I could just hide the bottle with my hand (I guess is what I was thinking)

“Jody, I don’t think you want to show this picture on your blog.”


Hahaha! Eric, this is all your fault. If you didn’t require so much adult supervision these things wouldn’t happen.

Anyway, we finally settle into a proper pose:

Had you noticed that in the far distance on the penninsula you can see the Kilauea Lighthouse? No?

Next we head over to what we called “surfer beach’ – you can pull right off and park right there at the beach and you can actually swim and surf the beach. And picnic with your dogs. Well, we didn’t stay long, but there were a few surfers. I captured this video of the beach which I have entitled: “Who Let the Dogs out on Surfin’ USA”:

In the beginning you can just hear the Beach Boys singing “Surfin’ USA” (okay, if you’re over 55) and then the song “Who Let the Dogs Out’ butts right in and then gives way to the the surfin’ song again. (An imaginary sound track. Hmmm. Nice touch…) Yeah, right.

Well, that brings us to Monday afternoon, Jan 20. Nearly half our trip is over …