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Cattle, Gargoyles, and Oil Rigs

July 28, 2013

So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, lunch at the ‘Cafe’ in Dubois, Wyoming. We’re back on the road now – headed east on Highway 26.

200 miles to Casper…


The outside temperature is 95 degrees.


Beautiful Wyoming!

“Slow down, honey. Cattle drive ahead!”


I decide to roll down my window and capture it on video. (Click on photo below)

Flying by a cattle drive at 35 mph. Now, watch the video again, while imagining your head out the window getting hammered by a high wind in what feels like a 120-degree convection oven.

“The video’s lame!” you say? No. It’s MOO-velous!


Don’t ask me. We passed it.


And more cows…

Oh. We’re entering a town.


Left to Thermopolis? What, they have a monopoly on hot springs or something?

“Where are we?” I ask David.


There’s even a bar on the main strip ahead.


Yeah, well, how many Lucky Lounges have you been to?

A few miles further we see these formations


What have we here?


Gargoyles? Trolls? Did there used to be a bridge across here?

I asked David what he thought they were.

“Petrified Pac Man chasing a squirrel.”

We passed several oil wells


‘Rich Wyoming.’

And a lone house


surrounded by a vast emptiness.

‘Lonely Wyoming.’

“How would you like to live there, Megan?”


David pulls over to stretch. There is actually a sign at the pull-out.


“No hunting?” Hunting for what? Beetles?

We are entering Casper now, where we will bunk for the night.


We eat dinner at Sanford’s Grub & Pub, a few blocks from our motel. Where (it turns out) the food is less than stellar and the décor is … shall I say, not understated?

For example, yes, that is a Brontosaurus


greeting you as you pull into the parking lot..

Hey David, pose in front of Bugs Bunny for my blog!”


Fat chance.


“Thank you, Megan. What a sport!!”

We enter the restaurant. Thank goodness we don’t have to sit and wait for a table. I feel a little uncomfortable with this couch:


Although I have never given much thought to American Flag etiquette, I sure wonder if this couch is in flagrant (and gross!) violation of it. “Hey, how about we upholster a near-exact replica of ‘Old Glory’ across a couch so people can park their butts all over it.” I dunno. It just doesn’t sit right, if you know what I mean.

We’ re back outside now in front of the restaurant. I ham it up with “Charlie”


and ‘Hank’.


Who is really rather sweet.


Just the kind of guy I like. (David knows.) The quiet type. One who keeps his mouth shut.

Life is good.

Through the Tetons to Dubois, Wyoming

July 15, 2013

I can’t help it. I’ve about a hundred or two new photos on my i-Phone from this road trip we took in June.  And I can’t wait to share them with you.  HUH? You don’t want to see ALL the photos?  Awwwwww. Okay.  That’s fair.

So where do I begin?  At the beginning, of course! 10 A.M – Thursday, June 13. Today’s destination: Casper, Wyoming, about an 8-hour drive from Idaho Falls. We’re driving west now – on Highway 26 – out of Idaho Falls toward Jackson, Wyoming.

Approaching Swan Valley.


It’s going to be a beautiful drive!

Every so often you see the peaks of the Tetons poking up on the horizon.


We turn left at Swan Valley onto Highway 31 toward Victor, Idaho and the Teton pass.

We have just passed over the Teton pass summit. Here we are, overlooking Jackson ‘Hole’


Making the descent toward Jackson now


Except, we turn left after Wilson, to bypass Jackson, onto Moose Wilson Road.

The Tetons come into full view.


There is nothing quite so magnificient as the Tetons painted across the sky on a vibrant June day.


The view changes every few seconds. Don’t want to miss the show!


It’s amazing how close we get to them by car (with maybe a little help from a zoom lens…)


The Grand is the tallest Peak, at 13,770 feet. The two peaks to the right are Mount Owen and Teewinot. To the left are the Middle and South Tetons. This link:$2802

gives you the names and elevations of all the peaks:



“Pull over at the scenic overview for tourists, honey, so I can snap a photo of all the peaks!”

“Naw. You’ve seen the Tetons a hundred times. We still have a 6-hour drive ahead.”

But …. “We’ll never see the Tetons again as they look today!” (I wanted to call out, but I suppose he’s right. Also, he’s the one driving, while I’m the one, uh, snapping photos.)

I snap a photo of the Teton’s as we whiz past the scenic overview on the Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway.


I have to admit. The photo looks remarkably similar to the June photo I took of the Tetons several years back, now framed and hanging on a wall at home.

We have passed the Tetons now, headed for Moran junction, where we turn south. Wait a minute! They’re in my rear view mirror!


Visible as ever. They are just behind us now.

“Are we coming back this way?” I ask the driver (David).




“What are you doing?” He asks.

“The Tetons are in the rearview mirror! And out the back window! We are missing the view you get when you approach Jackson from this direction!”



Here’s my last shot of the Tetons as we approach Moran Junction and head south.


We’re headed into the the Absaroka mountains now.


This view of the Absaroka peaks opens up and and disappears very quickly


after you round that curve.

Well, that’s my photo tour, that gets us as far as Dubois, Wyoming, where we stop for lunch – on the first day of our six-day road trip (uh, minor detail there).

I did take one photo in Dubois. At the place we pulled into for lunch with the sign out front that said “Cafe.”

This precious little notice was posted inside the restaurant on their bulletin board:


I guess life is pretty much the same every where you go.