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Aloha, Mahalo … Spring!

March 14, 2015

I should be done blogging about our January trip to Kauai, I know. Except, FYI, when I left off we were still in Kauai – at the airport bar in Lihue – sucking down Mai-Tai’s. You might be worried about us. (Huh?) You know, that we might drink too much, fall off our chairs, and miss our flight. (Could we be so lucky?) As you might recall, we were self-medicating in the Lihue Airport Bar so as to induce sleep on the pending 5-hour Red-eye flight to LA…

Alas, we’ve boarded the plane now.

You're posting this ugly photo?

You’re posting this ugly photo?

I’m still taking photos since I can’t sleep – sandwiched between Eric and David. David has drifted off to sleep. Eric is awake, and he and I start scrolling through the photos on my I-phone… We pause on the photo of Eric at the Kalypso Restaurant in Hanalei, you know … (I’ve already posted this photo once, but I can’t resist…)

Eric having an ecstacy experience

Eric having an ecstacy experience

We’re laughing uproariously over the photo. And our laughter is cackling through the dark silence of the plane like a bolt of thunder in the night sky over sleeping campers. It’s the first moment I realize the plane has gone completely dark and silent, because everyone is trying to sleep. Sleep? I try every method possible to coax myself into sleep, counting my breaths, counting backwards from 100, counting sheep leaping over fluffy clouds … I do apparently drift off to sleep, as suddenly the pilot announces we are descending for a landing….

We land in LA at 5 AM. Although feeling pretty brain dead, Eric and I decide to try and find breakfast. David says he isn’t hungry. I don’t know where we ended up. We didn’t have much time and the pickins’ were slim, if that helps explain it. All I know is, we end up in this fast food court and I order what Eric orders. Ranchos Heuvros – or something. I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t typically eat Mexican food either. This is what we get:

How do you spell delicious in Spanish?

How do you spell delicious in Spanish?

Black beans on one end of a black plastic sectioned plate, rice on the other. I like to mix them. Tortilla in the middle with fried eggs on top. Not sure what that is on top of the eggs. The egg white is tough as lizard skin, I discover, as I woefully attempt to cut it with my fork. I taste a bean. David moans in disgust watching us trying to eat. I dunno. Could any food look edible at 5:27 AM, jet-lagged and sleep-deprived?

Fast forward seven hours – we’ve landed in Salt Lake and are driving the last 140 miles home to Idaho Falls.


Eric’s fur lined leather bomber hat magically appears on his head. Was it in his coat pocket? I’ve changed from flip-flops into the frozen soles of my winter shoes that had sat in the truck our whole trip.

Good news awaits us, weather-wise, over the next six weeks. All we weather is a couple of bouts of hoarfrost

January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015


And a skiff or dusting or two of newly fallen snow.



The winter snow had melted off by mid-February, a full month before it normally does. David and I took this selfie in our front yard on February 15.

Does it look like spring to you?

Does it look like spring to you?

We were going to send it to Victor’s I-phone as a joke. But then, that just seemed too cruel. Victor and Steph left Kauai at the end of January to spend the rest of their winter in …. Boston. Ouch. (Need I repeat how miserable their winter has been, likely the most miserable winter in Boston history…) I kindly have not kept Steph and Vic abreast of the goings-on for us here in southeast Idaho weather-wise. Suffice it to say, we had the warmest February on record, from records kept since 1850. That’s the warmest winter in at least 165 years, with an average daily temp of 47.1 degrees.

So, yeah, time to put a wrap on the Kauai blogs. Heck we’ve had crocus blooming here for several weeks. And we noticed yesterday, the robins have returned. Or maybe they never left this year.

But wait! I do have one more photo of Kauai – taken on our hike in Wiamea Canyon.

This one’s for the ladies:

This picture's for you, Steph

This picture’s for you, Steph

Now you have a new ‘happy place’ to escape to. You know, like if you’re on a plane or something, trying to lure yourself to sleep… Or if you live in, say… Boston.

Flipflops, Diphthongs, and Darkness

March 7, 2015


Saturday, January 17 – still in Kauai! Yea! Well, tonight we catch the Red-eye from Lihue back to L.A. and then head onward to Idaho. Sigh. I can’t keep tonight from coming. I can, however, freeze time in my blogs. Thus, I’ve managed to extend our January trip to Paradise through February and well into March. (Why not just stay in Paradise till spring has officially sprung?)

On David, Eric’s and my last morning of our trip we all attempt to walk down to Waiakalua Beach. (Say it with me: “Wah-ee-ah-kah-loo-ah”). Now, pronounce it again – swaying your hips as if they’re cloaked in a grass hula skirt. Why do Hawaiian words and names contain so many vowels? (You might ask.) Well the reason is, there are only 14 letters in the Hawaiian Alphabet. Easy! Uh, except they use a lot of diphthongs. They use what? You know, diphthongs. Two vowels together – gliding vowel – a complex vowel sound in which the first vowel gradually moves toward a second vowel so that both vowels form one syllable. Whatever. Now say ‘Waiakalua’ pronouncing it correctly with the diphthongs. For that matter, pronounce ‘diphthong.’

Anyway, here is the view of Waiakalua (pronounce it one more time – will make a hula dancer out of you yet!) Beach from the trailhead:


Except, the trail is steep, windy, rooty, and slick. Anger us conditions! We turn around, head back up and just linger to savor the view. I capture a picture of Steph and Victor – well, a picture of Steph, and a picture of Victor:





Okay, so the end of our trip is nigh upon us. Only a few hours left! I must pack. And must capture more images of Kauai to bring home with us!


Steph and Vic’s garden,


Another photo of their birdfeeder:


And another view of the golfcourse and mountains from their patio


Their patio ocean view:


Our last dinner, compliments of our personal chef, Victor:


Several delectable Chinese dishes prepared with only the freshest organic ingredients.

Savored with fine wine…

Uh…it’s over now. Time to hit the road for our 10 PM fight to L.A.

Darkness descends on our drive to the aiport in Lihue –


Ah- wait a minute! One last taste of Paradise!… in the airport bar. Mai-Tais all around. Eric goes green. I mean, parts with his green…

Eric buys the last round

Eric buys the last round

Self-medicating ourselves to sleep through the 5 hour Red-eye to LA… that’s the plan, anyway.

Yeah, except that plan never works for me…

Is it spring yet?