Queen’s Bath, Lumaha’i Beach



“Come on! You left Kauai a month ago!” I know, I know. Actually a month and three days ago. But I just can’t resist sharing these last few photos and videos of our trip – sites along the north shore of Kauai, near Princeville. The picture above is a closer view of the photo below, the stream flowing along the path down to the Queen’s Bath –

Definitely Paradise

Definitely Paradise

Through a banyan tree forest


The path toward the bottom is very steep – the quintessential Kauai ‘anger us conditions’ kind of path after a rain. Luckily we’d had several dry days in a row, so we ventured down.


Okay, so we should probably take the signs seriously. Waves are unequivocally breaking on the ledge.


The surf was high, so we stayed on the rocks one tier above the ledge and were only able to overlook the spot where the Queens (Stephanie and I, myself – Josephine) could bathe. Oh well. We really didn’t want to get crushed on the rocks or washed out to sea during our beauty baths. Better to enjoy the waves from a safe distance. I shot this video.

Nice touch with the rainbows. The Queens (Steph and Jody) are duly scintillated and enraptured.

Climbing back up now


Watch your step!

From here we head for a stroll on Lumaha’i Beach. Steph likes to get her feet wet.

Lumaha'i Beach

Lumaha’i Beach

Uh, not that wet!


I captured a video

Surf’s up!

There. An injection of Paradise. Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered to spiff up your February day?

Especially if you’re in Boston. Or anywhere east of the Rockies for that matter… Whewsh! Uh, I’ve no comment there. Other than that’s the winter I’m glad I didn’t come back to.

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