Hissing Dragon, Surfers and …

Okay so it’s time to put a wrap on these Kauai blogs. Dang. This is the final, I promise. (Uh, unless I realize at the end that it isn’t.)

I’d like to share a few more photos and videos of sites on the northern end of Kauai – near Princeville. David, Eric and I had visited the Hissing Dragon a couple of years ago – and I blogged about it. And posted this picture:

That’s the hole from whilst the dragon explodes. Two years ago we were sitting on a rock maybe 15 feet away. I was even skeptical there was such a dragon – until we heard this sucking noise and sure enough, a huge blast of water exploded from the hole.

Well, this year we returned to the Hissing Dragon with Steph and Vic. To get there you park at Rock Quarry Beach, cross the beach, then Kilauea Stream, and then traverse a ledge of rocks to the point. There you meet Hissing Dragon. It was high tide and we had to hike along the rocks one level above where we were last time. Now we’re standing above the Hissing Dragon and it is exploding out of the hole with every wave.

I shoot a video:

The ‘Old Faithful’ of Kauai – greeting you in a burst.

We were sitting on that wet lower ledge of rocks last time.

In the distance we can see the Kilauea Lighthouse


Hiking back toward the car now.


The Rock Quarry Beach is one of the few beaches in Kauai where you can actually park right next to the beach. The surf is high and the surfers are on it!


This makes two surfers out there catching waves. I shot this video:

You can’t visit the north shore of Kauai without walking the beach at Hanalei. Warning signs are posted:

"No swimming. This does not include surfing"

“No swimming. This does not include surfing”

No Swimming. One assumes it’s because of rip tides. But surfing is fine. (Huh?) There were probably 8 surfers out there in the surf. “If in doubt don’t go out.” You mean, if you’re a tourist and think you’re going to get bonked over the head by a surf board than don’t swim? Who makes these signs?

Well, we didn’t come here to swim anyway. David wore the perfect shirt for our stroll on the beach at Hanalei.


A brilliant color configuration of Hawaiian sunrises, sunsets and happy hours.

Uh, well there’s the mud too. Here’s a picture of my feet from the powerline hike:


David’s shoes were trashed too

shoe still-life

shoe still-life

They weren’t going back into his suitcase. He threw them away.

One last photo of Victor’s marvelous Margaritas!


Eric’s goofy socks

And, once again, the sign Eric had given Steph and Vic as a housewarming gift:


Awwww. No more Kauai blogs? Are you serious?

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