‘Hot’ Tub Cougar Adventure

Glacier trip – part 5. Okay so where were we? Oh yeah, in the ladies room at Bulldogs in Whitefish with Fabio …

The 11 of us had been sitting around a big tall table at Bulldogs devouring hamburgers and sandwiches, drinks and beer, slaw and fries, when Megan and I made a trip to the ladies room.

The ladies room at Bulldogs is plastered with Chippendales (and I don’t mean chipmunks)


The two stall doors are rated, and one of them is ‘R’

Okay, Megan, this is not your stall

Okay, Megan, this is not your stall

Do not look at these photos

Do not look at these photos

No photos (Noooooo!) of the hot naked full frontal male posters in my stall. Well, okay ladies. How about a thumbnail size of the one photo I took of the scene in front of me as I sat on the stall with my pants down trying to pee? If you are reading this blog on your i-phones or i-Pads, do not expand or zoom in on the thumbnail sized photo.

But I can very safely post a full size photo I took of the area around the bathroom sink and mirror.

G-rated, right?

Ladies, do not direct your attention on the faucet.


Cougar snapping faucet photo for female entertainment

If viewing this blog on your i-Phone or i-Pad, scroll right on through this photo and continue reading. Do not stop to zoom the photo for a closer look of the faucet area.

What are you doing, Jody? Hmmm. Well, see where your mind goes after you spend 5-10 minutes in the company of hot naked men…

Okay, whew!, so our group heads back to the condo after lunch. I had been keeping an eye on the pool area from our patio – one thing we hadn’t done yet was hang out in the hot tub. It was usually occupied. But today, this afternoon – hey, it’s empty! Let’s go for it! Our own private hot tub party! Megan, quick, get your bathing suit on! I rustled the rest of the bunch. David, Eric, Scott, Meredith, Ben, Rhonda… we were all getting our suits on.

Megan and I got to the hot tub first. Hey! What’s this? A bachelor party? Sure enough, in the time it took us to get our suits on, a half dozen young buff males had descended on the hot tub. Oh well, there’s room for us. We’ll take over this end of the tub, they can have the other end.

Hot tub bachelor party

Hot tub bachelor party

Soon Meredith, Scott, Eric and David had joined us on our end. It’s a party! Let’s order drinks from the poolside bar!

We flagged the waitress and she took our drink orders. The bachelor party ordered drinks too.

Except when the waitress arrived back with the drinks she couldn’t open the gate. I hop out to assist. So does one of the hot young bachelors…


Oh, but there’s too many drinks. Another young hunk joins the effort…

Cougar sandwich

Cougar sandwich

My heart is racing. My goose bumps are tingling.

Whew! What a rush. I’m so young and alive!

I must not let my hand brush his thigh

I must not let my hand brush his thigh

For an instant I’m … 24! (Or 34.) (Uh, 44.) (Okay, 54)

So there. I had to share with you my very hot sexy cougar Glacier experience. And I’m pretty sure, no matter how young I might feel at any particular moment in the future, I’ll likely never again be as young as I was in that hot tub cougar sandwich moment.

So… Do you want to hear about our Poker game?

Are you serious?

Hey, you think I’m done with my ‘Glacier trip’ blogs? No way. Living in the present is over-rated.

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  1. Paullene Caraher Says:

    Pretty racy blog!!!

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