Blog about Glacier with ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Scenery’?

Glacier – Part 6

I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please
Fold ’em, let ’em, hit me, raise it, baby, stay with me…

Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker’ song? Shouldn’t your blogs about Glacier include photos of, say, wildlife and scenery? Why, yes. You do have a point there…

It’s our last night in Whitefish on our family trip to Glacier – we’re hanging out at the condo after a memorable soak in the hot tub, as you know, consuming leftovers from our previous meals out. Which, dinner at Tupelo Grille last night was fantastic …

How to spend our last evening together? How about a game of Texas Hold-em?

Meredith claims she has never played poker. So Aaron writes her up a cheat sheet on what hands beat what – from the ‘high’ card to pairs, to two pairs, three of a kind, full boat …

We deal the cards out. Eric makes a bid…

Eric plays tight

Eric plays tight

We see the flop.

Meredith is confused.

Hmm, so my cheat sheet says...

Hmm, so my cheat sheet says…

So does three of a kind beat 2 pair?

Bidding goes around …

Meredith goes all in

Meredith makes 'all-in'

Meredith makes a move


Full boat! Dang. She takes a ginormous pot

Scott, David and Aaron stunned by Meredith's all-in

Scott, David and Aaron stunned by Meredith’s all-in

Soon David is out. He goes to bed. Meredith and I are raking it in; she’s egging me on in my obnoxious arrogant winner behavior with girl power pump fists.

Then Aaron takes Meredith out. She hangs around, starts tearing little ends off her cheat sheet, chewing on them … uh oh … Out flies a spit ball across the table at Aaron. I’m laughing uproariously, egging Meredith on. She’s chewing again … this time the spit ball is directed at Adam – it lands against his chest and when he brushes it off it leaves a dark wet splotch on his shirt. Ha ha ha!

Well, the mood at the end of any poker game is generally sour, per my experience, you know, except for the big winner(s). I manage to break a little above even in this game, but spit balls help deal with emotions involved in bluffing, bullying, outbidding or even out folding others out of their money. In my case, both outcomes of winning or losing turn me sour. I feel bad taking other people’s money but worse losing it. Loser!

Okay, so we’re down to the last day of our trip: Travel day. Tuesday, September 15. I pretty much have to promise you photos of wildlife and scenery, don’t I? After all, wasn’t this series of blogs supposed to be about our trip to Glacier National Park?

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