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We’re Baaaack!

January 25, 2015


What the heck is this, Jody? You fancy yourself some high falutin’ crappy aerial photographer now?

Why yes!, I mean no. I just thought you’d like to come along with us (David, me and my brother Eric) on another trip to Paradise. Pinch yourself! You are now flying over south San Francisco. Why that must be the Golden Gate Bridge ahead!


Okay so it isn’t the Golden Gate bridge. It’s just some other crappy bridge. Well, snap on your neck pillows, don your eye patches, shove in your ear plugs (or not – but they sure help insulate you from the high-pitched engine noise) – settle yourself in for the five-hour flight to Lihue, Kauai!

Thursday, January 8, 2015, 1PM- we have just landed in Lihue, and are headed up to Princeville – on the northern shore of the Garden Isle – for our 10-day visit with Steph and Victor.


Not again, you say? NO!! PEOPLE ARE SICK of hearing about our wonderful stupid trips to Paradise. Plus, once I get started I just blog on endlessly. I know. I was telling myself this. I AM NOT BLOGGING. Until … we were back on Larsen’s Beach, had prodded Eric and David past the nude bathers, and came upon a Monk seal napping on the shore


Then Eric cozied up to a new scaly, thick skinned companion.


who could likely whip around and bite his head off (don’t piss her off, Eric). Was she laying eggs or something? Why else would the sea turtle be resting up on the sand?

The beach was beautiful


not a cloud in the sky that day.

We walked to the end of Pakala point – and picnicked by the arch


Coming back we saw Nene Geese – the Kauai state bird:


An endangered species. We spotted many more Nene geese in the wilds this year than last, very encouraging.

We climbed over that hill and came across an Albatross Nesting area – I caught this photo of a nesting albatross


Pretty soon Victor’s shoe started acting up.

The talking shoe

The talking shoe

Like, really complaining.

Eric and David were on it.

Manly men

Manly men

We stumbled right into a pile of fishing rigging that had washed ashore.


Eric started operating


We all stepped in to help

Still life with feet

Still life with feet

Fine result!


Victor’s new look:

Highly paid consultant

Highly paid consultant

Of course the shoe was complaining again before we made it back.

For those with an artist’s bent, here is a still life for you, you know, maybe you can paint it:

Beer with sweaty balls

Beer with sweaty balls

Eric says the rigging is likely Japanese, although I can’t say that that mangled up pile looks particularly Japanese – I guess you’ll have to ask Eric.

Well, to conclude, that evening we’re on the patio at St. Regis.

Eric and Victor

Eric and Victor

Watching the sunset.



I dunno. Should I continue with these blogs?

“How many more amateur I-phone photos do you have of this 10-day trip, Jody?”

Boy I’m glad you asked!

‘Aloha’ Kauai!

March 2, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014 – our last day in Paradise. This evening we will catch the Red-eye from Lihue – land in L.A. tomorrow morning and then travel back home to Idaho.

We’ve washed up our tennies and have to be light-weights today – no vigorous muddy hikes!

David, Eric, and I start the morning in Princeville with one last hike down to Anini beach –


Trying to stave off melancholy….

We huff our way back up again


and take one last stroll along the Princeville golf course.




Oh, how we’ll miss Kauai!

The beaches…



The exploding surf

The birds of paradise – the Albatross and Nene geese…





the ‘bird of paradise’ and last, but not least (in numbers, anyway), the mighty foul, uh, fowl.

We’ll miss all those goofy, nearly indecipherable warning signs to tourists:


(Yes, we’re very afraid.) Snow boards?

We’ll miss the police station on the road to Hanalei


with that sign out front. It imparts such a feeling of … comfort?

We’ll miss the NO-GMO movement gaining momentum in Kauai –


These GMO FREE signs pop up everywhere. No Genetically Modified Organisms! Have you heard of ‘Roundup ready’ crops? GMO corn, soy, sugar beets, cotton, alfalfa, and canola are designed to withstand huge applications of roundup. The same company (Monsanto) that makes the seeds also sells the herbicide (surprise, surprise). Except the weeds have adapted into super weeds which, in turn, has caused a steady increase in the use of roundup on the crops. There was a huge “March Against Monsanto” in Kauai on March 9th of this year – (check it out here). Because of the experiments taking place with pesticides and genetically engineered seeds on the west side of the island, Kauai is considered ‘ground zero’ internationally in the fight to stop these bio tech companies.

Here is a link to a you-tube video posted by a member of GMO Free Idaho(!!) entitled “Is Glyphosate Killing our Gut Flora?” You might want to watch it, especially if you or someone you care about suffers from a digestive illness or disorder. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is not harmless to humans, contrary to what Monsanto would have you believe.

While we’re on the subject, here’s another link to an article just published, “5 Reasons Monsanto’s Science Doesn’t Add Up” including the toxic effects of glyphosate, specifically in relation to kidney disease and failure.

I’m on a roll here!

Anyway, oh my goodness, we’ll miss the tropical hikes


Albeit, some of them kicked our butts. Bug-wise, we really only worried about close encounters with Kauai’s ferocious-looking garden spiders.

We’ll miss Eric ‘pouring on the charm’ – you know, like, when we’re out to dinner:

Okay Eric, so what’s on the agenda for this afternoon, our grand finale adventure on our last day in Kauai? How about a beach walk or something where we don’t injure ourselves or get our feet all muddy?

“Larsen’s Beach.”

“Huh?” My ears were expecting something a little more, you know, ‘Hawaiian’ sounding, like, Pu’u Poa Beach, or Po’ipu, Waipouli, Kaweonui, Kaluapuhi, Waiakalua, Kekaha, Nawiliwili … this being Kauai and all.

“You’re kidding. Larsen’s Beach?”

“Yep. At Larsen’s Beach there’s a nice walking trail that runs parallel to the beach.”

It’s early afternoon by now. We all pile into the car: David, Eric, Steph, Vic, and I. David is driving, Eric is navigating. After several wrong turns, Victor and I are scoping out the route to Larsen Beach on our i-Phones. Mostly out of a process of elimination we hang a left on this dirt road (this has to be it!) and drive till it ends – at this sign:


Yeah, we know, we know. Deadly unseen currents, the whole nine yards. We’ve found Larsen’s Beach.

It extends along the shoreline below.


We spot the trailhead and hike the trail through the grassy area to the end of the beach.


Wow! There’s even a picnic table. We pile around…


Surely Eric has beer in his back pack. We’ll know to bring a picnic next time. Hey, too bad we didn’t wear our bathing suits – we could’ve waded in the ocean one last time.

You know, like that guy.


Huh? … Hey, wait a minute, he’s naked!

I zoom my camera in a little, you know, to make sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me…


Well, he’s not completely naked. Did you notice his cap? See any tan lines? His vitamin D level must be sky-high. Yeah, like I’m going to go up and ask him…

“Eric, you rascal, you led us to a nude beach!”

“Yeah, and have you noticed that young nude couple over there near those bushes?”

“No, Eric, not particularly. Not until you pointed them out…”

Walking back out, Steph couldn’t remember where she had shed her sandals. That’s the extent of the clothing that came off of us.

Well, all I can say is, while vacationing in Kauai, you can learn a lot. And you will likely check some things off your bucket list.

You might even check some things off that weren’t on your bucket list.

Especially with Eric along.