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January Escape

February 5, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017. We hit the road from Idaho Falls about 4pm – David, me, and my brother, Eric, cruising along I-15 South to Salt Lake City.

David is driving, Eric is riding shotgun, I’m in the back seat shooting photos of the winter landscape sailing past us at 80 mph.

By 5 pm we are flying past McCammon, Idaho:

McCammon, Idaho

McCammon, Idaho

The outside temperature is about 18 degrees. The snow has been accumulating for several weeks, turning the landscape into a pristine winter wonderland. We pass through Downey, Idaho, as the sun is setting:


Downey, Idaho

Downey, Idaho

Then Malad City at 5:20:

Farm equipment in dormancy

Farm equipment in dormancy

We’ve entered Utah now. The town of Portage is peeping through the frozen landscape like a buried single strand of Christmas lights.

Portage, Utah

Portage, Utah

Fast forward 16 hours … Thursday, January 19, 10:30 am:


The Phoenix airport (!)

We’re on our way to Kauai. On American Airlines. Caught the 6:50 am flight from Salt Lake to Phoenix. Will fly directly from Phoenix to Lihue, Kauai.

It’s a six-hour flight to Lihue. Sleep is good. Reading … Sleep … Suddenly the islands come into view.


Flying over the big Island, Hawaii …

The Big Island

The Big Island

Now Kauai!! That might be the Napali Coast? Not sure …



We’ve landed in Kauai


Here’s where I pinch myself. My sister Steph and husband Victor live part of the year in Princeville, Kauai, and every January for the past five years they have invited David, Eric and I to come for a 10-day visit. I have blogged about the adventures of all our previous trips, 39 blogs, total. You can find these blogs in my ‘Kauai’ category.

Princeville is on the north-central edge of the island, about a 45-minute drive from Lihue. We hop into a rented SUV and head toward Princeville. First order of business: Meet up with Steph and Vic at the Kilauea’s Farmer’s Market.

It opens at 4:30. People gather in droves and line up to shop before it opens.

Kilauea Farmer's Market - 4:27 pm - open in three minutes!

Kilauea Farmer’s Market – 4:27 pm – open in three minutes!

At 4:30 on the dot, a farmer toots his truck horn and the shopping frenzy begins …


Sample some star fruit!



I took a picture of this red fruit below, but don’t know what they are. They look a bit like raspberries, but they are hard, like cranberries:



This is egg fruit:


I sampled it – it was too weird for me.

Eric carries our basket of spoils, all of it organic

Fresh organic produce!

Fresh organic produce!

Homeward to Princeville. Princeville was named after Prince Albert, the son of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma, who died in 1862 at the age of four. A Roman fountain, constructed in the 1980’s, graces the entrance to Princeville.

The fountain was made famous in the 2011 movie “The Descendents” starring George Clooney. However, the fountain is soon being removed and replaced by something more reflective of native Kauai. So I took one more picture of it:


Our first big adventure took place on Friday morning, January 20. (No, it wasn’t watching Trump’s Inauguration.) We decided to go back to the “Hissing Dragon” – Victor had never seen it. Although it involves a bit of a trek around a ledge of rocks that lead you out to a point, the adventure that awaits you at the end renders it totally worth it.

I wore flip flops the first time Eric enticed us to go, thinking it was a walk on the beach. This is my third time and I’m wearing sensible shoes tightly tethered to my feet. And I’m too busy trying to keep my footing to take many photos. I took this one, though, of Steph, Eric and Victor behind me:

Hiking to the Hissing Dragon

Hiking to the Hissing Dragon

We hear this sucking noise on this flat outcrop of rock which turns into a blowhole when the waves come crashing in. I took a video.

As you approach the point you receive a foreshadowing of what’s to come… a dragon’s roar coming out of a large crack in the rock face. I stopped, listened, then took a video of the crack. Yes, it’s a video of a crack. But if you turn your sound up full blast you’ll hear the roar of the Hissing Dragon:

Be forewarned …

We’re at the point now. The tide is high. There’s a cavernous hole where the dragon leaps out at you. Eric beat us there. We arrived just in time to see Eric out on the rocks facing the hole with his camera, you know, to get a good shot, when a huge wave came crashing in behind him. We scream at him to move out of the way (!!) – just in time. My heart leaps out of my chest. Whew! I stood safely alongside the hole and took this video of the ‘Dragon’

But Eric did manage to get his video facing the dragon hole. He posted it on his Facebook page. Check this out!

Click on this link <a href="http://“>link to see Eric’s video that he took facing Hissing Dragon’s hole.

I downloaded his video from his FB page – which I guess is why the link is so sprawled out. But you get the picture …

The Dragon almost ate him.

I took a photo of Eric – after we turned to head back. Soaked from head to toe. Even the cats on his shirt have gone berserk over the experience.


I took some photos on the hike back…



Victor, Steph, Eric

Victor, Steph, Eric

Needless to say, we feel we’ve earned a beer break by the time we get back off the rocks.



Uh, you might want to keep an eye on that tree to your right, David. Those giant tentacles look as though they could spring alive at any moment, reach out and grab your leg, entrap you. Then, in one stroke, pull you under that tree trunk, suck you up into some alternate realm, the tree itself, OMG!, in one hop to the left, could overtake and devour you!

I dunno, maybe I’m just a little paranoid after coming face to face again with the Hissing Dragon.

Kauai- Part VII

March 11, 2012

So where were we? Still in Kauai! It’s the last half of our last day on vacation…

“In Kauai?” you ask? “Isn’t that where they just had a week of pounding rains?” Yes it is. For the seven-day period ending this past Friday, the rainfall level was nearly 46 inches in Hanalei, Kauai.

(Poor Puff!)

Here’s a video of the storm, recently posted on youtube:

Not my video! No! I’m talkin’ Saturday, Jan 28, 2011 – the last half of our last day in Paradise. PARADISE? Well, so it probably isn’t, in the midst of a 46-inch rain. On January 28 we have a few hours left before we have to be at the airport in Lihue. But our story won’t be similar to travelers this past week as reported in USA Today – when Hawaii’s lieutenant governor had to phone a couple from Littleton, Colo. to apologize to them and a group of 10 to 20 other marooned tourists that had been booted out of Lihue Airport into a raging rainstorm after midnight Tuesday. Click here [ 1 ] to view the article.

Furthermore, I might add, I’m well beyond the ‘breast-feeding’ stage of life.

But anyway, let me take you back…

To our walk on the Golf course in Princeville-

And our delightful last lunch on Steph and Vic’s patio, compliments of Victor:

‘MMMMMMMMM!” Won Ton soup!

Eric cleans up the dishes

While David swats at the only fly we encounter during our entire trip.


David does our laundry

While Eric sweeps up the extra mess he tracked in from all those hikes he took by himself

One last run to the dump

“Hey Victor, what are you doing throwing Eric’s precious box of Franzia wine away? You left in your trunk at least two glasses of this valuable wine you could drink.”

We make one last trip to the grocery store

Why are organic local eggs $8.99/dozen with all the ‘cage free’ chickens running around everywhere?

Uh, okay, so there isn’t much to report about that second half of our last day. I just don’t want to stop blogging about our trip to Kauai. Could I just drag these endless blogs out to sustain me till spring weather actually arrives in Idaho? (June)

We cleaned up some of our trail of mess we left at the house, restocked a little of the food we devoured, and packed.

Awwwwwww…. It’s time to head to the airport. “Goodbye Steph and Vic!”

“Goodbye Paradise!”

I capture one more bit of Kauai scenery through the car window on the way to the airport.

“Good-bye sign to the entrance of the airport!” (‘cuz even the sign looks ‘Paradise-y’)

“Goodbye happy, cage-free chickens everywhere.” – which do apparently own the whole island

including the airport terminal.

“Hello inevitable airplanes.”

This one isn’t ours. Ours arrives about dark. We do lose two oranges, a water bottle, and an expensive tube of sunscreen as we go through security. But at least I don’t have to breastfeed an infant on the 6-hour flight and surrender the pump and baby bottles at security (which I guess could create a crisis if, say, I pass out on the flight and my hubby has to feed the infant, or the person next to me has an extreme boob phobia?? – in reference to ‘passenger hardship’ in the USA Today article above).

“Hello extemely expensive tropical fruit drink at the airport bar” –

which, of course, is no-where stiff enough to lull me into even a wink of sleep over the next six hours…

Should I tell you about the rest of our trek back to Idaho?