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March White Lamb Madness

March 30, 2014

In southeast Idaho, March came in like a lion, with howling winds, snows, temperatures hovering in the 20s and 30’s. And it was good. You know, because “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” right? Looking forward to that!

Yeah, fast-forward to this morning, Sunday, March 30. Just as daylight was worming its way through the cracks in my eyelids I heard David mutter, “Snowing out there.” Huh? I raised myself up in a slant toward the bedroom window and squinted at the sky exploding in white.

Down to the kitchen now – I let the dog out, and back in, wiped him down with a towel. Turned on the coffee. Hey, it is gorgeous out there! I snapped a couple photos of the back yard.


Spring snow clings to even the tiniest of branches, painting the lines of the landscape with white-out.


Out front now to grab the newspaper. Oh my goodness! Here’s the view looking west out our front door.


Back in the kitchen now. Standing at the kitchen sink looking through the window. What the heck – I’ll snap a photo of our knarly old flowering plum tree here, a rather ‘long-in-tooth’ tree that’s not long for this world.


Zoom in a bit – for a different shot.


It’s Christmas!! ( No? ) It’s amusing (no it’s slothful). Our Christmas lights are still on the plum tree. I should just turn them back on! The clumps of snow accumulating on the web of tiny plum branches block out the solidness of the pine tree in the background. So the pine tree looks like a wreath perched in the middle of the plum tree. A wreath pleading for bulbous shiny ornaments and a red bow.

(And if you look carefully again you will see what looks like an upside-down human skull hanging from a limb above the wreath. Uh … not sure what that means – the ‘Hallow’s Eve’ Christmas or something.)

I need groceries. I should zip myself into a one-piece snow suit with a massive fur-trimmed hood, put on my sheepskin boots, scarf, and thick woolen mittens, hop on a reindeer and slosh on into Albertson’s. Look for hot apple cider. Track up their aisles.

The snow gets bigger and bigger.


Soon whirring sounds penetrate the air from all directions like armies of raging bees. Neighbors with snow blowers. Dang! So we will have to shovel! It’s March 30th. Why can’t we just expect this snowstorm to blow over us and melt away all in the same day?

It did stop snowing by early afternoon.

Yeah, well, I’m blogging.

David is the one shoveling.


One of these days I’ll run out of my ‘cuz it’s winter in Idaho’ excuses and get out there and get those Christmas lights off the plum tree. You know, maybe before it flowers.