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Memorial Day

May 25, 2009
Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!   This morning I took a picture of the front of our house with our flag and the flowering plum and late-blooming tulips.  Look at that sky!  Okay so I take back all those horrible things I’ve been saying about Idaho weather.  It is absolutely exquisite today – high in the lower 70’s.  Too nice to be inside at the computer writing on my blog. So this entry is going to be quick!

The flowering crab!I am also repenting of my ye-of-little-faith behavior concerning our hitherto not flowering, flowering crab – as you can see it …  is flowering!  I had to hurry and photograph it in full bloom before the wind kicks up and blows the blossoms to smithereens.  Oops! There I go again.  I love the wind!  Well not really but I heard someone exclaim that last week during one of our incessant 25-mph-wind days.  That day pretty much made history of our tulips.   Yesterday I planted a few little pinks and zinnias amongst the headless tulips in our back center garden.

Memorial Day!  I have to run to the grocery store yet if we are going to have a picnic.  I’m trying to talk my hubby into going for a drive and just pulling off somewhere to grab dinner.  But actually I think he is contemplating mowing the lawn.

We did visit the cemetery and place flowers on my mom’s and dad’s graves.  And I took a long moment  to feel happy to be alive, living in America.  And to be grateful for all the men and women who lived before me who built and defended this great country –  this wondrous land of diversity, opportunity, and freedom.